Video Analytics, Intelligent Video, Biometrics : 16 Companies

Overview: Video analytic software automatically identifies threats or information of use to operators.


3VR offers hybrid DVR appliances with built-in facial recognition and video analytics software. The company primarily targets banking, retail and government applications. Founded in 2002, the company has received $50 Million in VC funding, most notably from Kleiner Perkins (one of the world's most well respected VCs) and In-Q-Tel (the VC funded by the CIA and other US intelligent agencies). 3VR's main competitors are Verint and March Networks.

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Agent Vi

Agent Vi offers video analytics for both security and retail applications. Agent Vi offers a unique hybrid approach that splits the analysis between the camera/encoder and the server. This allows Agent Vi to run on a wide variety of cameras with lower processing power required. Additionally, though a server is required, Agent Vi can run dozens or hundreds of cameras on a server. Agent Vi's main competitors include Objectvideo and ioimage(both of which are pure smart cameras).

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Aimetis offers IP video surveillance software and tightly integrated video analytics. While Aimetis offers its software without analytics (its standard series that MSRPs for $99 per channel), Aimetis is strongest where customers choose to use analytics. Key markets for Aimetis include outdoor focused applications and retail. Aimetis competes with a variety of leading IP Video surveillance software providers who generally offer 3rd party analytics to match Aimetis' offerings.

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Avigilon offers an end to end solution of IP cameras, encoders, VMS software and analytics. The company is best known for super high resolution cameras (up to 30MP). Combined with some of the industry's most restricted dealer access, Avigilon is one of the fastest growing companies in all of surveillance. However, Avigilon has been criticized for their shady marketing practices.

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BiKal offers a complete line of IP video surveillance products including IP cameras, surveillance software and bundled analytics. BiKal focuses on making IP video inexpensive and easy for the broader market to use. Watch demonstration videos of Bikal's products. Though Bikal manufacturers their own IP cameras, their surveillance software supports a wide variety of third party cameras.

BRS Labs

BRS Labs is one of the most controversial companies in all of video surveillance. Though claiming to revolutionize video analytics with their behavioral recognition technology, the company has struggled to meet the company's own grandiose expectations. In 2014, the company shift / expanded their focus from the government / critical infrastructure market to the home / SMB / commercial space.

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Cernium changed strategies multiple times and finally was bought out by a US service provider / integrator Kastle Systems.

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ClickIt offers hybrid DVRs with built-in video analytics. ClickIt targets retailers.


Emza offers low-cost, rugged, video analytic appliances. These appliances generate alarms for perimeter violation and send images of the alert. However, these appliances are not cameras and, therefore, do not stream video. The appliances, which look similar to a motion detector, cost 1/2 the price of an ioimage smart camera. While the lack of video streaming is a disqualifier for many applications, the lower cost may provide a good fit for only alerting is critical or were megapixel cameras are being used for general surveillance. Read a review and test results of Emza.

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NICE Systems

NICE Systems provides video management systems and PSIM software targeted at large end users at high pricing. The company is increasingly a niche player as newer entrants (e.g., Genetec and Milestone) have expanded into the mid and high end markets.

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ObjectVideo offers video analytics for security and business intelligence applications. One of the earliest entrants into the video analytics market, ObjectVideo partners with video surveillance manufacturers to embed their software in other's products. After years or struggling to build a viable large-scale software business, in April 2011, ObjectVideo launched an industry wide lawsuit campaign to 'defend' their intellectual property.

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SightLogix offers advances outdoor video analytics in a smart camera, offering color and thermal options. SightLogix offers a geotracking feature and claims to cover 3x the distance of competing products. SightLogix's main competitors include ObjectVideo, ioimage and Agent Vi. Read a review of SightLogix's products.

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via:sys offers video alarm software that can be loaded onto mainstream IP cameras including Axis and IQinvision products. They are offering an inexpensive (pricing under $300 USD for the software) and simple way to add perimeter violation and advanced motion detection to IP cameras. Companies should verify that via:sys accuracy is sufficient to meet your needs and that false alerts will not be a problem. This is especially important as via:sys is claiming to operate at much lower CPU levels than their main competitors such as Agent Vi and ObjectVideo.


VideoIQ integrates video analytics, cameras and storage to create all-in-one surveillance appliances. While traditionally, all 3 elements were run in separate devices (a camera, a recorder and a server for analysis), VideoIQ bundles all of them inside their camera (which they call iCVRs). Read our test results of VideoIQ's video analytics.

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Vidient was a manufacturer of video analytics specializing in high end solutions for the government and transportation markets. The company shut down operations in 2010. The assets of the company were sold.

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