Video Surveillance Storage / Hard Drives : 3 Companies



Intransa quietly went out of business. Former Intransa employees started a company named 'Viakoo' to service and support Intransa customers.

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Pivot3 offers a clustered storage solution for IP video management systems. Pivot3 optimizes their storage solution for video surveillance and allows organizations to scale to hundreds of TBs of storage. Pivot3 has a serverless computer initiative that allows Pivot3's storage clusters to run IP video surveillance software, thereby eliminating application servers. Pivot3's primary direct competitor is Intransa but they also compete with general storage providers such as EMC and Dell.

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QNAP offers NVR appliances. QNAP leverages its experience in manufacturing Network Attached Storage appliances to build solid, inexpensive NVR appliances for small camera counts. QNAP's NVRs support a modest variety of IP cameras are best positioned for home and small business market segments who are looking to replace DVR systems.

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