Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) : 6 Companies

Overview: These products integrate various security systems into a single command and control interface. By viewing a single screen, security operators can assess and correlate information across their video, access, alarm, radar and other systems. These products also integrate workflow management to simplify operator response and ensure execution of the correct procedures. The main challenge with PSIM is that it is expensive and requires high-touch to optimize and deploy. Most deployments cost in excess of $300,000 USD, a modest sum for a Fortune 500 company but generally unjustifiable for mass market use.


CNL offers what they call "Integrated Situation Management" software which best fits into the PSIM category. The software integrates with various 3rd party applications including Milestone and IBM's Smart Surveillance System. Compare to Orsus and Proximex.

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NICE Systems

NICE Systems provides video management systems and PSIM software targeted at large end users at high pricing. The company is increasingly a niche player as newer entrants (e.g., Genetec and Milestone) have expanded into the mid and high end markets.

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Proximex offers PSIM software, acquired by ADT in 2011.

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VideoNext offers an integrated IP video management system. Their platform combines IP video surveillance software and PSIM functionalities into a unified solution. VideoNext features integration with a variety of third party systems, including access control and video analytics. VideoNext, unlike other PSIM solutions, does not support video management systems other than its own. VideoNext's core markets are the military and high end commercial/industrial.

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Vidsys offers PSIM software and is one of the last surviving independent PSIM companies.

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