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Cameras - IP, Megapixel, Analog, Night Vision: 36 Companies

Overview: Surveillance cameras may be categorized into 4 main segments: analog, standard definition IP, megapixel and night-vision. Analog cameras are the most traditional and commonly deployed cameras today. Analog cameras are commonly connected to DVRs or encoders so operators can view over PCs. Standard definition IP cameras offer similar resolution to analog cameras but do not require a DVR or encoder as the video as has been digitized for PC viewing inside the camera. Megapixel cameras are IP cameras that offer higher resolution than either analog or standard definition cameras. Megapixel cameras offer up to 16 MP resolution while traditional analog cameras only offer about .3 MP. Finally, night vision cameras are specialized cameras that are used to see when natural or artificial light is missing. The four major types of night vision cameras are infrared (e.g., Extreme CCTV), SWIR (e.g.,NoblePeak), thermal (e.g., Flir) and laser-based (e.g., Vumii).


ACTi offers a full line of solid quality, inexpensive IP cameras plus NVR software. An early leader in IP cameras, ACTi has lost ground over the past few years. Main competitor is Vivotek,

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American Dynamics

American Dynamics offers a broad line of video surveillance products. While they were one of the leading manufacturers in the past decade, they have lagged as the market has shifted to IP.

Detailed Information on American Dynamics from IP Video Market Info
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Arecont Vision

Arecont Vision is a megapixel camera specialist, with an extremely poor reputation, having topped integrator surveys for Worst IP Camera 2011, Worst IP Camera 2014 and Worst Manufacturer Support. Their most standout product offering is their multi-imager SurroundVideo series, including the Omni. In 2014, Arecont raised $80 million in debt to cash out their executives and shareholders.

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Testing Arecont Omni published on Oct 20, 2014
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Arecont Monster Raise - $80 Million published on Dec 01, 2014


ATEME is a manufacturer of video surveillance encoders and recorders. ATEME is best known for its leadership in developing advanced CODECs including leading efforts in H.264.


Avigilon offers an end to end solution of IP cameras, encoders, VMS software and analytics. The company is best known for super high resolution cameras (up to 30MP). Combined with some of the industry's most restricted dealer access, Avigilon is one of the fastest growing companies in all of surveillance. However, Avigilon has been criticized for their shady marketing practices.

Detailed Information on Avigilon from IP Video Market Info
Avigilon HD Micro Dome Test published on Jul 08, 2015
Avigilon Acquires All ObjectVideo Patents published on Dec 18, 2014
Avigilon Analytic Cameras Tested published on Nov 12, 2014
Testing Avigilon ACC 5 VMS published on Sep 10, 2014
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Schmode Assistant Now Runs Avigilon Marketing published on Sep 21, 2015


Axis is one of the largest manufacturers of video surveillance globally. Axis was acquried by Canon in 2015.

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Testing Axis' Top Low Light Camera Q1635 published on Nov 23, 2015
Axis WDR Zipstream Low-Cost M1125 Tested published on Aug 26, 2015
Axis Camera Companion VMS Tested published on Jul 27, 2015
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Basler manufacturers megapixel cameras. A long term developer of machine vision products, Basler entered the video surveillance market in 2007. Basler offers a line of H.264 CCD cameras up to 3 MP resolution. Basler's cameras are physically much smaller than most or all other megapixel cameras.

Detailed Information on Basler from IP Video Market Info
Testing Basler's Megapixel Cameras (BIP-1300/1600) published on Nov 30, 2009
Basler's New CMOS MP Box Cameras (BIP2) Examined published on Dec 06, 2010
Examining Basler's Market Acceptance published on Feb 01, 2010
Basler Company Overview published on Mar 31, 2009


BiKal offers a complete line of IP video surveillance products including IP cameras, surveillance software and bundled analytics. BiKal focuses on making IP video inexpensive and easy for the broader market to use. Watch demonstration videos of Bikal's products. Though Bikal manufacturers their own IP cameras, their surveillance software supports a wide variety of third party cameras.

Bosch Security

Bosch Security is a global video surveillance manufacturer including a broad line of both analog and IP products.

Detailed Information on Bosch Security from IP Video Market Info
Bosch 4K Tested published on Jan 21, 2015
Bosch Buys $190 Million Integrator published on Jan 16, 2015
Bosch Flexidome Micro Shootout published on Nov 22, 2013
Bosch Starlight Tested vs Axis published on Mar 03, 2013
Bosch HDR HD Dinion Test published on Jan 29, 2013
Bosch Dinion Camera Testing published on Jan 08, 2012
Testing: Bosch Dinion IP (SD and 720p) published on Apr 19, 2011
Bosch Security To Terminate 7 US Manufacturer Rep Firms published on Sep 16, 2015
Bosch Goes Ultra HD (4K/12MP) published on Apr 08, 2013
Bosch Low Cost Encoders published on Feb 26, 2013
Bosch Security 2012 Financials published on Sep 27, 2012
Bosch WDR 1080p Cameras Reviewed published on Sep 03, 2012




Cisco has struggled to become a serious player in video surveillance, despite multiple acquisitions and threats of imminent domination.

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Cisco Reboots Video Surveillance published on Sep 23, 2012
Cisco Surveillance Problems - Case Study published on Nov 14, 2011
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Cisco Restructuring Physical Security Business published on Sep 17, 2011
Confirmed: Cisco's Lost Their 'Mojo' published on May 10, 2011


Dallmeier is a German video surveillance systems manufacturer.

Detailed Information on Dallmeier from IP Video Market Info
Dallmeier Panomera 51MP Camera Examined published on Jun 08, 2011
HD Product Series Introduced published on Jul 26, 2009


DVTel offers a full line of video surveillance products. DVTel's products center around their own line of IP cameras, encoders and IP video surveillance software. A key differentiator is their Scene Tracker technology that stitches cameras view into a single image to improve viewing of large areas. In 2010, DVTel acquired one of the leading video analytic providers, ioimage. Genetec, Verint and ONSSI are key competitors and alternatives to DvTel.

Detailed Information on DVTel from IP Video Market Info
DVTel ioimage HD Analytic Camera Tested published on Jan 29, 2015
Testing Lowest Bandwidth Camera? (DVTel Quasar) published on Nov 12, 2012
Testing DVTel's Latitude 6.0 VMS Software published on Feb 07, 2010
DVTel Acquires ioimage published on Jan 11, 2010
DVTel Hires Avigilon and Genetec Sales Leaders published on Aug 28, 2015
DVTel's $9 Million Fund Raising and Future published on May 20, 2015
New HD Video Analytic Cameras (ioimage / DVTel) published on Sep 17, 2014
DVTel TruWitness Overview published on Apr 01, 2012
Turning Smartphones into Surveillance Cameras published on Feb 14, 2012


EverFocus manufacturers a broad range of DVRs, analog and IP cameras primarily for the budget / SMB markets. Everfocus is one of the founding members of the HDcctv alliance - a group that plans to deliver non-IP megapixel cameras that work with existing coax. Read our analysis of Everfocus' potential to make HD affordable and simple for the budget/SMB market.

Detailed Information on EverFocus from IP Video Market Info
Can Everfocus Make Megapixel Simple and Inexpensive? published on Jun 28, 2009
Everfocus HDcctv Line Overview published on Jan 16, 2012
Sales Decline Continues but Positive Signs published on Mar 14, 2010


Flir specializes in the production of Infrared / thermal cameras. In the surveillance market, these products are primarily used for nightvision or scenarios where heat can be detected but light is obscured. In 2012, Flir acquired Lorex, moving into the budget / conventional video surveillance market.

Detailed Information on Flir from IP Video Market Info
$100 True WDR Camera Tested (FLIR CVI) published on Jul 31, 2015
The $500 FLIR Thermal Camera Tested published on Jun 19, 2015
FLIR FX Tested published on Apr 08, 2015
Testing FLIR IR PTZ published on Feb 17, 2015
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FLIR Wide Dynamic Thermal (FC Series) published on Sep 25, 2012
FLIR Operational Analytics (A Series) Examined published on Apr 12, 2012


Grandeye offers 360 degree panoramic cameras. Grandeye offers both analog and IP versions. The analog version is 3MP and requires its own dedicated record. The IP version offers 5MP resolution, uses MJPEG and integrates with a variety of leading video management systems. The closest competitive camera is the Mobotix Q22. Another alternative is Immervision that provides 360 degree lenses for up to 1.3 MP cameras. Read a review of Grandeye's products and positioning. Note: Grandeye recently had a significant company restructuring.

Detailed Information on Grandeye from IP Video Market Info
Grandeye Major Company Restructuring published on Nov 12, 2008


Hikvision is one of the largest surveillance manufactuers in the world,


IQinVision was one of the earliest and largest original megapixel camera providers. However, they fell behind and in August 2011, a major management shakeout occurred. In 2014, Vicon acquired / merged with IQinVision.

Detailed Information on IQinVision from IP Video Market Info
Testing Varifocal Minidome (IQeye) published on Jul 02, 2014
Testing IQinVision's 4 Series and PSIA Integration published on Feb 02, 2010
MJPEG vs. H.264 published on Apr 17, 2009
Fail / Fail: The IQinVision - Vicon Merger published on Mar 31, 2014
New IQeye 7 Series (76x) published on Feb 02, 2012
IQinVision IQeye 3 Series Cameras Examined published on Dec 13, 2011
IQinVision Management Shakeup Examined published on Sep 12, 2011
IQinVision New Sentinel HD Examined published on Aug 20, 2011


Lumenera offers a line of megapixel cameras. Key differentiators for Lumenera include (1) megapixel cameras with low light sensitivity (using a CCD imager rather than CMOS), (2) supporting video analytics (in their li series), and (3) 11 MP camera. Comparable products include Arecont Vision who generally offers lower prices and IQinvision who offers a broader line of housing and body types.

Detailed Information on Lumenera from IP Video Market Info
Large Image Sensor / Low Light Camera published on Apr 08, 2010

Mango DSP

Mango DSP


Mobotix Mobotix manufactures megapixel cameras and video management systems. Key differentiators for Mobotix are: (1) provide the video management system for no charge and (2) do not require video management servers (video can be transmitted directly to storage). Mobotix'revenue is over $100 million USD.

Detailed Information on Mobotix from IP Video Market Info
Mobotix P25 Camera Tested published on Aug 04, 2015
Testing Decentralized / Edge Recording (Mobotix / MxControlCenter) published on May 10, 2010
Testing Panoramic / 360 Cameras (Mobotix Q24) published on May 08, 2010
Mobotix Camera Configuration Tested published on May 06, 2010
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Mobotix Wedge Panoramic Camera published on Dec 19, 2014
Claimed: All Surveillance Manufacturers Are Proprietary published on Nov 12, 2014
Mobotix Admits Channel Stuffing published on Aug 27, 2014
Mobotix Stock Plummeting published on Aug 18, 2014
Mobotix CEO Ousted After 6 Months published on Mar 26, 2014


Panasonic is one of the largest manufacturer of surveillance cameras globally.

Detailed Information on Panasonic from IP Video Market Info
Panasonic 4K / 12MP Camera Tested published on Aug 17, 2015
4K Panasonic Tested (Panoramic) published on Mar 25, 2015
Panasonic Panoramic Test published on Jun 24, 2013
Panasonic WV-SP509 Camera Test published on May 02, 2012
Testing Panasonic's Remote Monitoring Network Camera (BL-C210A) published on Jun 26, 2010
Testing Panasonic's Megapixel Camera (WV-NP502) published on Feb 01, 2010
Panasonic Restructures Security Group published on Nov 03, 2015
Panasonic System President is Out published on Aug 19, 2015
Panasonic Free VMS Licenses Program published on Apr 21, 2015
Panasonic Buys VMS Manufacturer VideoInsight published on Feb 03, 2015
Panasonic Slashes IP Camera Pricing published on Jun 27, 2014


Pelco is one of the largest video surveillance manufacturers, a leader in analog now making the migration to IP products.

Detailed Information on Pelco from IP Video Market Info
Pelco Optera 12MP Multi-Imager Tested published on Nov 09, 2015
Testing 5MP Pelco Sarix IR published on May 15, 2014
Testing Pelco SureVision 2.0 published on Mar 17, 2014
Testing Pelco's Surevision Cameras published on Jan 09, 2012
Testing Pelco Digital Sentry VMS Software published on May 03, 2010
Pelco Layoff Examined published on Jan 12, 2010
Testing Pelco's Sarix Megapixel Cameras (IXE20DN) published on Dec 06, 2009
Examining Pelco's Expansion into Asia / Latin America published on Aug 31, 2009
Examining Pelco Sarix Megapixel Cameras published on Mar 03, 2009
Pelco Cuts Costs and 1% Employees Layoff published on Dec 03, 2008
Pelco Head Out, Diesel Exec In published on Oct 21, 2015
Pelco Criticizes Arecont's Multi-Imager published on Jul 10, 2015
Pelco Optera Multi-Imager Cameras published on Apr 07, 2015
Pelco's New VMS - VideoXpert published on Feb 02, 2015
Pelco IP Camera Price Cuts published on Jul 24, 2014


Pixim offers specialized WDR imaging systems used by dozens of camera manufacturers. Pixim was acquired by Sony in 2012.

Detailed Information on Pixim from IP Video Market Info
Pixim Nightwolf IR Optimization Reviewed published on Mar 25, 2012
Pixim's Acquisition of Advasense Examined published on Jun 29, 2011
Examining Pixim's New WDR Seawolf Chip published on Oct 04, 2010


Q-See makes inexpensive DVRs, analog and IP cameras. OEMs Chinese products. Re-sold in Costco


Raytec is a specialist provider of IR and white light illumination products. Compare to Bosch's Extreme CCTV product offerings.

Detailed Information on Raytec from IP Video Market Info
IR Camera Housing - Raytec Lighthouse published on Apr 21, 2014
Raytec Vario IP Illuminators published on Jan 27, 2013
Raytec Vario Illuminators Examined published on Dec 04, 2011
Examining IR Illuminator Bandwidth Savings and Raytec's Test Results published on Oct 09, 2010
High PoE Outdoor Illuminators Examined (IR/White Light) published on Jun 14, 2010


Sony focuses on IP cameras but also offers some video management options.

Detailed Information on Sony from IP Video Market Info
Sony 20MP / 4K Camera Tested published on Oct 26, 2015
Testing Sony HD Dome Camera published on Sep 18, 2014
Testing Sony's 6th Gen IP Cameras published on Jun 03, 2013
Sony Acquires Pixim published on Sep 12, 2012
720p vs 1080p Camera Shootout published on Oct 25, 2011
Sony Camera Shootout published on Jun 21, 2011
Sony PTZ Camera Guide published on Nov 21, 2010
Sony Fixed IP Camera Guide published on Nov 20, 2010
Testing Sony's HD Camera (SNC-CH140) published on Feb 23, 2010
Sony Launches 4K With 20MP Mode published on Apr 09, 2015
Sony Security Restructures / Cuts published on Mar 23, 2015
Sony Super Sized Low Light Imager published on Feb 19, 2014
Sony Hybrid Cameras: Game Changer or Disappointment? published on Jul 09, 2012
Sony Next Generation Cameras (IPELA Engine) published on May 30, 2012


StarDot is a megapixel camera manufacturer, providing a range of cameras from VGA to 5MP. StarDot has an extensive history of manufacturing megapixel cameras for non-security applications. In the past few years, StarDot entered in the surveillance market and has gained VMS support from a number of leading providers such as Milestone and Exacq. Compare StarDot to IQinVision.

Detailed Information on StarDot from IP Video Market Info
Testing StarDot's 5MP Camera (SD500BN) published on Jul 16, 2009
StarDot 10MP Cameras Examined published on Apr 08, 2012
Releases Dome Cameras published on Jul 07, 2009


Veracity manufacturers products for transmitting IP video. Highwire is Veracity's flagship product. Highwire consists of adapters that allow IP cameras to reutilize existing analog cabling, eliminating the need to pull new cabling. Highwire is available in 1 and 4 channel versions and is viewed as a key enabler to quickly and cost effectively migrate from analog CCTV to IP video. A single channel Highwire adapter pair costs approximately $400 USD. For this price point, Highwire is ideal for longer cable runs (more than a few hundred feet) or for areas where access or installation is difficult or problematic. For short, easy cable runs, the alternative is to simply replace the coax cabling.

Detailed Information on Veracity from IP Video Market Info
Veracity Coldstore Arcus published on Apr 24, 2013
Veracity LONGSPAN PoE Extender published on Oct 28, 2012
Veracity PointSource Reviewed published on Jan 09, 2012
Veracity HIGHWIRE PowerStar and OUTREACH XT Examined published on Apr 21, 2011
IP Camera Focusing Device Released published on Jul 26, 2009


Verint is a mid size video surveillance manufacturer, offering an end to end solution. They have lost ground as the market has shifted into IP.

Detailed Information on Verint from IP Video Market Info
Verint Wins "Worst Surveillance Company 2011" published on Aug 10, 2011
Exploring Verint's Video Strategy published on Jul 28, 2008
Verint Surveillance Revenue Down 5% published on Jun 05, 2012
Verint's Q1 2011 and PSIM Acquisition Price Examined published on Jun 08, 2011
Verint to Acquire Rontal, Offer PSIM published on Apr 03, 2011
Verint's Revenue Decline Continues Q3 2010 published on Dec 07, 2010
Q2 2010 Video Revenue Down Modestly published on Sep 08, 2010


Vicon manufacturers a wide range of video surveillance products. One of the older companies in the industry, Vicon is widely considered to be a leader in analog CCTV. Over the last few years, Vicon has expanded their product portfolio to include both IP cameras and IP video surveillance software. Vicon provides free VMS licenses for use with Vicon cameras and OEMs integrated analytics through Agent Vi and access control from S2. Vicon is a publicly traded company, reporting 2008 annual revenues of $66.9 M USD. Compare Vicon to Verint, Pelco and American Dynamics.

Detailed Information on Vicon from IP Video Market Info
The Siliconization of Surveillance Cameras published on Oct 29, 2015
Milestone Employees Defecting to Vicon published on Jul 02, 2015
Weak: Vicon / IQinVision Financials Out published on Dec 12, 2014
Vicon CEO Losing Strategy published on Sep 30, 2014
Ex Milestone Exec Becomes Vicon CEO published on Sep 11, 2014


VideoIQ integrates video analytics, cameras and storage to create all-in-one surveillance appliances. While traditionally, all 3 elements were run in separate devices (a camera, a recorder and a server for analysis), VideoIQ bundles all of them inside their camera (which they call iCVRs). Read our test results of VideoIQ's video analytics.

Detailed Information on VideoIQ from IP Video Market Info
Testing Avigilon / VideoIQ Rialto published on Jan 22, 2014
Testing VideoIQ's Video Analytics (iCVR) published on Jul 30, 2009
A Postmortem of VideoIQ and the Future of Video Analytics published on Jan 02, 2014
VideoIQ Rialto R Series published on Apr 29, 2013
VideoIQ Analytic Bridge Reviewed published on Mar 20, 2012
VideoIQ / FLIR Thermal Analytics Processor published on Sep 14, 2011
VideoIQ Funding, CEO Change and Progress Examined published on Sep 12, 2011


VIVOTEK offers a broad line of inexpensive IP cameras. VIVOTEK serves the lower end of the market from the consumer to the small/medium sized business. It is one of the larger providers in this segment, with over $100 million USD revenue in 2012.

Detailed Information on VIVOTEK from IP Video Market Info
Smart IR Panoramic Camera Tested published on Oct 10, 2014
Testing HD Lipstick Camera published on Aug 15, 2014
Testing Vivotek Smart Stream published on Apr 18, 2014
Testing Vivotek Cube Panoramic (CC8130) published on Oct 16, 2013
Vivotek Panoramic Test FE8172V published on Aug 02, 2013
Testing Vivotek's 2MP Bullet Camera with IR (IP7361) published on Apr 13, 2010
Testing Vivotek IP7161 - 2MP MPEG-4 Camera published on Jun 03, 2009
New Daisy Chain IP Cameras (Vivotek) published on Dec 22, 2014
Vivotek's 5 MP Camera Line Reviewed published on May 21, 2012
World's Smallest IP Fixed Dome? published on Apr 15, 2012
Vivotek SUPREME Series Competitive Analysis published on Sep 04, 2011
Vivotek 2011 Financial Results and Camera Sales Examined published on Jul 12, 2011


Vumii offers long-range night vision systems using lasers to illuminate targets at long distances. Key differentiators for Vumii include the ability to identify details of targets (clothing, facial features, writing, vehicle type) and to do so at ranges over 1500 meters. Vumii competes with thermal imaging cameras, primarily from Flir by claiming lower cost and far high image quality than the blurred image generally produced on thermal cameras.

Detailed Information on Vumii from IP Video Market Info
Vumii's Night Vision Surveillance Examined published on Sep 28, 2009
Vumii EyeSec FD Thermal Camera Examined published on Jan 04, 2012
Opgal's Acquisition of Vumii Examined published on Oct 26, 2010