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Raytec Overview

Raytec is a specialist provider of IR and white light illumination products. Compare to Bosch's Extreme CCTV product offerings.

Raytec Company Coverage

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License Plate Capture 4K Test on Jan 11, 2016
"...tested were: Axis 4K Tested (P1428E) Panasonic 4K / 12MP Camera Tested Dahua 4K Camera Tested Raytec IP Vario i8 We tested the cameras in low speed and faster speed scenes, both day and night,..."
Raytec Standard for Video Surveillance Lighting on Dec 10, 2015
"Illumination specialist Raytec has released what it describes as the "industry’s first ever Lighting Standard for Video..."
Raytec Vario Power Supply Question on Dec 01, 2015
"Does the Raytec Variow2 (VAR-w2-1-10) require the PSU? Or will they will work with any 12vdc power supply? Also,..."
5 Low Cost IR Illuminators Tested on Sep 03, 2015
"... For example, a Raytec Raymax 25 (RM25-50) with a 50 degree angle of illumination sells for ~$280 online. However even..."
Who Is a John Honovich Of LED Lighting? on Aug 13, 2014
"...tight quarter with a head builder and he asks me what do i know about the led lighting and I am talking Raytec, but this is for all over lighting, and I said Raytec too many times now. I dont need to do the..."
IR Camera Housing - Raytec Lighthouse on Apr 21, 2014
"... Now, Raytec is releasing the Lighthouse, what they describe as a "fully integrated lighting and housing..."
Anyone Used The Raytec Raymax Panoramic IR Series? on Feb 14, 2014
"See Raytec Raymax Panoramic Series. Being an Arecont Vision rep I frequently am demonstrating the..."
Raytec Criticizes Integrated IR on Nov 21, 2013
"... However, we have seen very little marketing from Raytec about / against this. And now this video from them: It's a great visual with Raytec's..."
Super Mini IR Illuminator Reviewed on Sep 26, 2013
"...specifications and pricing to understand how this competes with integrated IR cameras and conventional units from Raytec, Bosch and Iluminar. [For background, see our IR illumination tutorial.] Specifications The..."
Raytec Vario IP Illuminators on Jan 27, 2013
"Raytec may have the first ever networked surveillance illuminator. The big question is what this means...."
Varifocal Illuminator (NuOptic) on Sep 06, 2012
"... Inside, we examine its features, pricing and competitive positioning versus Raytec. Key Feature: Beam Adjustability The VIS line offers one key attribute not found in other..."
New Products Reviewed ISC West 2012 on Mar 26, 2012
"...M16 NVR Examined Vumii EyeSec FD Thermal Camera Examined IQinVision IQeye 3 Series Cameras Examined Raytec Vario Illuminators Examined Illuminar 1030nm 'Invisible' IR Illuminator Ubiquiti Aircam Bullet..."
Raytec Vario Illuminators Examined on Dec 04, 2011
"Raytec has announced a new line of both white light and infrared illuminators, named Vario, which..."
Illuminar 1030nm 'Invisible' IR Illuminator on Nov 29, 2011
"... UPDATE: Raytec reports that starting in January 2012, all 940nm illuminators models will be outfited with a..."
New Surveillance Products Directory Fall 2011 on Sep 21, 2011
"...Adding a stand-alone IR illuminator to a regular IP camera such as those from Bosch, Iluminar, Raytec, etc. This lets you choose any camera and a specific IR illuminator you want. Major advantages..."
IR Integrated Camera Housings Reviewed on Aug 15, 2011
"...illuminator - a separate device mounted near the camera to provide IR illumination (manufacturers include Raytec, Iluminar and Bosch - see our IR illuminator review). Cameras with Built in IR - a growing..."
The Truth About IR Lighting and Bandwidth on Aug 13, 2011
"... No one has done more to perpetuate that myth than UK manufacturer Raytec. In this report, we break down the fallacy and provide clear recommendations on how you can..."
New Surveillance Products Spring 2011 Final on Apr 06, 2011
"... However, Axis says these are high intensity SMT IR LEDs similar to the T90A / Raytec units.The T90C is designed for wall mounting. Ceiling or pendant mounting will provide..."
Comparing Surveillance IR Illuminators on Feb 27, 2011
"...our comparison and review on 3 commonly cited product offerings: Bosch (Extreme CCTV) Iluminar Raytec In the last year, a surge in IP camera manufacturers offering integrated IR illuminators -..."
Examining IR Illuminator Bandwidth Savings and Raytec's Test Results on Oct 09, 2010
"... Raytec explained their test methodology. The tests demonstrating 95% bandwidth reduction were done..."
Testing IR Illuminator Performance 2010 on Sep 05, 2010
"...Overview of Other Manufacturer Offerings The YYTrade models should be compared to Bosch/ExtremeCCTV and Raytec. Both specialize in IR illumination, offering a significantly wider and more advanced offering..."
Weekly Video Surveillance Link Roundup on Aug 27, 2010
"...IQ832SE Sentinel Hikvision: Takes Route 1 Hikvision: Hybrid DVRs Integrated with Pelco Network Cameras Raytec: How to Install a Raytec product to a pole Raytec: Install a Raytec product to a..."
High PoE Outdoor Illuminators Examined (IR/White Light) on Jun 14, 2010
"Raytec has announced outdoor High PoE IR and white light illuminators (the product series is RAYMAX 50..."
Product Overview on Jun 10, 2010
"Raytec has provided an 8 minute video that provides a solid overview of their product lineup and..."
Promotion to Cut Costs on Security Lighting on Jan 25, 2010
"UK IR/lighting specialist Raytec is running an expanded promotion that offers cash back to installers deploying Raytec's IR or..."
New IR for PTZ Cameras on Jul 08, 2009
"Raytec has announced an IR System specifically designed for use with Pan Tilt cameras. using IR with..."
White Light LED Surveillance on Jun 10, 2009
"Raytec has released an interesting demo of white light LEDs in use. The use of White light LEDs is..."