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AXIS T8351 Mic on Apr 16, 2014
"...Does anyone have any experince with this mic? How well it handles audio? We are trying to decide the Axis T8351 over a Crown PZM-11LLWR with phantom power."
The $12 Billion Video Surveillance Manufacturer on Apr 15, 2014
"... Axis? Getting warmer but still way off. Axis valuation is close to double that of Avigilon's, at $2..."
Super Low Lux Minidome Tested on Apr 10, 2014
"...3MP, 1/3" imager camera and put it to the test against leading minidomes from Axis, Bosch, Dahua and Hikvision to see if Geovision was telling the truth and whether it could match..."
Different Dome To Fix Seam On Axis Q6034E? on Apr 08, 2014
"anybody know the part number for the newer version of the clear dome that fixes the huge seam on..."
Dropcam Adds Timelapse Recording on Apr 08, 2014
"There was a lot of interest and discussion about a recent Axis timelapse app and rival offerings. Now, here's a new feature from Dropcam that is pretty..."
What New Cameras Should We Test? Spring 2014 on Apr 04, 2014
"..., is thermal now really cost competitive against conventional cameras Axis 4K camera: because it is Axis and to see how bad it really is in low light Hikvision Integrated..."
Product / Tech Roundup ISC West 2014 on Apr 04, 2014
"...Bosch was prominently displaying the bitrate of this camera on the floor, somewhat ironically aimed at Axis's 4K display, which averaged about 8 Mb/s in their demo (though of course we do not know what..."
Axis Goes 4K Ultra HD on Apr 01, 2014
"Reflecting an emerging trend, Axis is announcing their first Ultra HD / 4K camera, offering 4x the pixel count of 'Full' HD / 1080p..."
52 New Products Directory ISC West 2014 on Mar 30, 2014
"...Tuesday: ACTi HD Decoder Aimetis Thin Client / HD Decoder Ambarella S2L 'Intelligent' IP Camera Chip Axis 4K UltraHD Camera Super Simple New Mass-Notification Brickcom Wireless Video Surveillance..."
Onvif / Dahua IP Configuration Tool on Mar 27, 2014
"... I`m looking for something like AXIS Camera Management or AXIS IP Utility to use with Dahua IP cameras.Dahua got a tool called..."
Axis 10 New Domes Reviewed on Mar 27, 2014
"Axis has announced 10 domes, including a new Q35 and P32 series. In this note, we contrast them to..."
Is Axis Huge Assortment Of Cameras Good Or Bad? on Mar 26, 2014
"Today, Axis announced 10 new cameras. In December, they released 9 new PTZs. In between, there was a couple..."
Ranking 95 Surveillance Manufacturers Interest on Mar 24, 2014
"... Here is an overview of the results, with the Y axis showing interest level and the X axis, the 95 companies:  Notable findings..."
Axis IT Study - 5 Points Misleading on Mar 20, 2014
"Axis paid for a study to show that IT is now dominating video surveillance decisions and that's what..."
2014 Surveillance Test Results Guide Released on Mar 19, 2014
"... Axis Samsung Wisenet III Cameras Sony's 6th Gen IP Cameras Avigilon H3 Bullet Integrated..."
New Feature: Autotagging - Better Organizing IPVM'S 5000+ Items For You on Mar 18, 2014
"...categories, like 262 items on access control, or 249 on Avigilon, or 156 on ONVIF, or (gulp) 663 on Axis. You can pick from these listings on the right hand side of each page. It looks like so: We..."
Problem With Retrieving Axis Edge Recording On XProtect Corporate on Mar 17, 2014
"...have a Milestone XProtect Corporate 2013 installation (testing site) connected to a single 4-channel Axis encoder via an LTE modem (ya, I know...way to make things difficult from the beginning). I am..."
Testing Pelco SureVision 2.0 on Mar 17, 2014
"...0 models, the IME119 and IME 319, against other top performing low light and WDR cameras, from Axis, Bosch, Samsung, and Sony. Here is a preview of the side by side WDR..."
Why Recording CCTV is Illegal in These Courthouses on Mar 13, 2014
"...The camera, an Axis M3006 (installed in a corner overlooking the room), is not recording. The court staff interprets..."
Does Axis Sell A Plate To Attach M3025 And M5014 To A 4" Octagon Box? on Mar 11, 2014
"... I ask here frist because calling AXIS Tech support makes me wanna find a new job.. Thanks!"
Axis Video / Access Integration Reviewed on Mar 11, 2014
"While Axis added its own access control software and hardware, at first, it had no integration with its..."
Announcing News Monitoring Service on Mar 11, 2014
"... Choose from 110+ companies including big names (like Axis, Sony, Panasonic, Genetec, Milestone, etc.), niche companies and organizations (e.g., ASIS,..."
Two Way Audio With Axis Camera Companion? on Mar 05, 2014
"Hi Members Here one to throw out to the masses to see if this has been achieved. I need to be..."
IP Camera Bandwidth / Storage Shootout on Mar 05, 2014
"... In the 1MP category, we set these 6 cameras to 720p / 10fps: Axis M1114 Axis P3354 Axis Q1604 Bosch NBN-733V Samsung SNB-5004 Sony SNC-VB600 In the 2MP..."
Avigilon Financials and 2014 Future Plans on Mar 05, 2014
"...plans including timetable for VideoIQ integration, areas of expansion and why Avigilon's CEO believe Axis sells 'just widgets'. In this note, we dig into the details. 2013 Financials..."
Market Guide 2014: Video Analytics on Mar 03, 2014
"... Two big surprises were the emergence of Axis and Mobotix, who back in 2011, had no votes and no real offerings. No Favorite Given..."
New Mini HD Camera Competitor to Axis and Avigilon on Mar 03, 2014
"Axis and Avigilon has new competition in the mini HD camera market. KT&C has released two models..."
Axis Enables Free, Open Surveillance Design Tool on Feb 27, 2014
"...to layout your cameras in a 3D model showing how far, wide and at what angle they cover? Like so: Axis has announced a free extension for a popular free 3D modeling software to do so. IPVM has..."
Testing Honeywell HD WDR IP Camera on Feb 25, 2014
"..." We bought an HCW1F and put it to the test against Axis, Bosch, Sony and Samsung cameras. Here's a sample, unmarked comparison in low light And..."
Worst VMS Manufacturers 2014 on Feb 24, 2014
"... There were 6 VMS / NVR manufacturers of note (Bosch, Pelco, Dahua, Milestone, Verint and Axis) and one theme for the rest of manufacturers. Usability Concerns Lots of smaller or less..."
IP Camera Manufacturer Compression Comparison on Feb 21, 2014
"... For example, Dahua and Sony have high Q levels when compression is set to "1", while Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, and Samsung have low Q levels with compression set closer to "1". Camera Compression..."
How Loud Is The AXIS M5014 PTZ? on Feb 18, 2014
"How loud is this camera when using the PTZ? I have seen a few videos where it is loud. Any..."
Axis / Sensity Super LED Lighting Security System At Newark Airport? on Feb 18, 2014
"..." What's puzzling is that the company, Sensity, has an LED array with an Axis camera in the center as shown in these images: And here's a promo video from the manufacturer..."
Axis T8414 Test Monitor Review? on Feb 18, 2014
"Hello, I am looking at the Axis communications hand held display monitor, model T8414. I have never used one, but I have longed..."
Axis Edge Storage And Camera Companion Is Unstable on Feb 12, 2014
"We have several installtions for small number of cameras using Axis edge storage on MicrSD cards alaong with Camera Companion for the VMS. All of them are..."
Avigilon CEO: Axis Model is Win - Lose on Feb 12, 2014
"...integrators? That is the claim Avigilon's CEO makes, calling the channel model most, and most notably Axis, use a 'win lose situation'. Here is what he said: "The vast majority of our competitors sell..."
Favorite IP Camera Manufacturers 2014 on Feb 10, 2014
"...] Axis Repeats in Dominating Form Like in 2011, Axis repeated, and by the same landslide level,..."
Axis American Expansion Plan Examined on Feb 05, 2014
"... Now, Axis' ambitious expansion plan has them poised to open six US office "to get even closer to partners..."
Worst IP Camera Manufacturer 2014 on Feb 03, 2014
"..." "Needed to get RMA - took way to long" Axis - What Is Wrong With Their Support? A month ago, an integrator started a discussion about Axis..."
Axis Slow Growth Returns - Q4 2013 on Jan 31, 2014
"... Pace Q3 2013's robust 27% growth in local currencies, in Q4, Axis growth dropped more than half to a pedestrian 12%. In this note, we review the details of their..."
Samsung Hires Former Axis Directors on Jan 27, 2014
"Over the last year, many have noted that Axis has stepped up its sales and marketing efforts. Now, Samsung has gone further, hiring 2 former..."
Testing Axis Access Control on Jan 27, 2014
"After years of speculation and months of waiting since its announcement, Axis' first access control offering is hitting the market (at least in the US). The hardware is the..."
Testing VideoIQ Rialto on Jan 22, 2014
"... We tested the Rialto with 7 cameras from major manufacturers Axis, Bosch, Sony, and Avigilon (who recently acquired VideoIQ), and put them up against VideoIQ's..."
Axis M3024-LVE Versus The M3025-VE? on Jan 21, 2014
"Has anyone performed low-light tests for the Axis M3024-LVE (720p with IR) and the M3205-VE (1080P)? They both carry an MSRP of $549.00 and are..."
Axis Camera Companion Storage Question on Jan 20, 2014
"Hello guys I have pretty easy question, I am sure a lot of you have used Axis camera companion before. Using ACC to setup storage, if I leave it at MAX does it overwrite the..."
Ranking IP Camera Low Light Performance on Jan 20, 2014
"...0W-H3-B2 Axis M1114 Axis P3354 Axis Q1602 Axis Q1604 Axis Q1755 Bosch NBN-498 Bosch NBN-733 Bosch..."
Besides Axis, What Manufacturers Support Corridor Mode / 9:16? on Jan 19, 2014
"What manufacturers, in addition to Axis, make cameras that support Corridor mode or 9:16 format?"
Camera Slow Shutter / Ghosting Tested on Jan 17, 2014
"... Contrast to the 5MP version, where the problem is even worse: Axis M3004 The Axis M3004 and M3005 both use an exposure setting called "default", which..."
Axis App Aims to Disrupt Timelapse Recording on Jan 16, 2014
"...many security vendors wondering what's so difficult? Mobile app developer EyeSpyFX has created an Axis ACAP application, simply called 'Timelapse ACAP' that both simplifies and greatly reduces the..."
Having Problems With The Axis T8414 on Jan 15, 2014
"I bought a number of Axis T8414 install tool last year but had to return most of them as they had failed. I am trying to..."
Problems Setting Up Presets With The Axis M3007 on Jan 13, 2014
"... From a support call with Axis they said this was the only way to address the issue. My other work around was to create Events..."
Testing ACTi E97 10MP Camera on Jan 13, 2014
"...so we bought an E97 and matched it up against the Arecont 10MP (which we tested here) as well as the Axis M30 1080p (tested here). Here's what they look like in our test setup (from left to right, ACTi..."
Device to IP Control Anything on Jan 13, 2014
"... Alternatives Similar products to uSwitch are available: Axis P8221: Despite being commonly overlooked as an 'Audio Interface Module', the P8221 contains..."
Using PIR With An I/O Device? on Jan 09, 2014
"... This signal is then sent to an Axis P8221 I/O device which sends the alarm event via SMTP to a queue based alarm software. Given the..."
Trend: Day/Night Profiles for IP Cameras on Jan 09, 2014
"... Some manufacturers allow changes to be made via scripts, such as Axis' embedded scripting. However, these require learning specialized syntax similar to other..."
Help Me Get Good Sound Recording With My Video on Jan 08, 2014
"Hello everyone Im using a Axis Q1604 camera mounted in the back of a church about 50 feet away from the Pastor. Using it for..."
Axis Accessories on Jan 08, 2014
"I'm tired of several accessories offered by Axis only available in packs of 10. Example: the 5700-661 only comes in packs of 10. I don't want 10,..."
VMD Shootout II - Hikvision, Dahua, Samsung on Jan 06, 2014
"Our first VMD Camera Shootout included Avigilon, Axis, Bosch and Sony. Members enjoyed it and asked for more manufacturers to be tested. This test..."
A Postmortem of VideoIQ and the Future of Video Analytics on Jan 02, 2014
"...succeed? What is Avigilon's best approach with VideoIQ's products? What should Avigilon competitors like Axis, Milestone and Genetec do? What does this say about the competitive dynamics of the..."
Testing ACTi E96 Panoramic Camera on Dec 30, 2013
"... We matched it up against leading cameras from our panoramic shootouts including Axis, Vivotek and the Immervision/Brickcom cameras.Key Findings Here are our key findings from this..."
Which Company Has The Most Useless Tech Support Staff? Axis Has Gotten... on Dec 27, 2013
"I hate to say this, but Axis has gotten worse and worse lately. They get my vote. I mean they answer the phone quickly (not a..."
3 Key Surveillance Product Shifts For 2014 on Dec 24, 2013
"... However, what it does mean is that you are not limited to a few providers anymore (such as Axis 'Lightfinder' for low light or Sony's most expensive cameras for WDR, etc.) There are now many..."
I Need A Lipstick.... Camera on Dec 18, 2013
"... In IP cameras, the closest I have seen is the Mobotix M14/M15 and the Axis P12. Mobotix is quite pricy and too big. Axis may be an adequate choice, but is there a larger..."
Axis Releases 9 New PTZs on Dec 17, 2013
"Axis has announced 9 new PTZ models. Nine is a lot, but what's new and what's the impact? In this..."
Testing Autofocus Accuracy on Dec 17, 2013
"...0-H3-B2 (720p) Axis P3354 (1.3MP) Bosch NBN-733V (720p) Bosch NBN-932V (1080p) Samsung SNB-5004 (720p) Sony..."
Top Requested IP Camera Features on Dec 13, 2013
"...camera manufacturers have advanced ones (see our advanced VMD test) but with those still have limits (Axis VMD 2.1 is open but lacks broad VMS support while Mobotix MxAnalytics is Mobotix - i.e.,..."
Camera App Integrates PTZs and Perimeter Detection on Dec 11, 2013
"... Axis and Optex have partnered on an integration claiming to prevent that from happening. Optex has..."
Axis Expects Only 15% Growth? on Dec 10, 2013
"Here referring to the recent news on Axis (in Swedish). So expectations are at 15% instead of 20% that is the management's targeted..."
License Plate Recognition @ 75 Meters (246 Feet) on Dec 09, 2013
"...some quick field of view calculations and with analog I get a requirement of 193mm lens, and for an Axis 720p, their calculator is telling me I need 94mm. Both to maintain 100 pixels per foot. Anyone..."
2014 Video Surveillance Guide on Dec 09, 2013
"...Access control incursions - with overall video advances weak, more manufacturers turned to access with Axis releasing IP door hardware, Milestone adding access control management and Avigilon acquiring an..."
Axis Partner Changing Room Camera App on Dec 06, 2013
"... Axis is undeterred, though, and believes that a new app that will change the, well, changing room..."
Ex Googler Startup Targets Surveillance on Dec 04, 2013
"...cameras are supported though one needs to manually set up integration via FTP or HTTP (see multi-step Axis process). Service The service is targeted at residential / consumer users and costs $16.50 per..."
Hikvision 2013 IP Cameras Tested on Dec 02, 2013
"...fueled by the massive Chinese market, with revenue rocketing over $1 billion USD last year (by contrast Axis is the in $750 million range and Avigilon ~$150 million). But how good are they? In this..."
Largest SD Cards Axis Supports? on Nov 30, 2013
"Whats the largest sd card you can use in them currently? can they take 64gb ones yet?"
Testing New Dropcam Pro Camera on Nov 25, 2013
"VSaaS, overall, has been a disaster with nearly every provider, including gorilla Axis, struggling to make it big. The one clear exception has been Dropcam. It's end to end solution,..."
Bosch Flexidome Micro Shootout on Nov 22, 2013
"... Earlier this year, we tested 3 Axis M30 minidomes. Now, we are testing 3 Bosch minidomes head to head against Axis. First, our..."
History Feature In Axis Motion Detection on Nov 19, 2013
"...anyone had any luck tailoring the “history” feature while configuring motion detection in Axis cameras? If so, what applications; leaves, blinking lights, fluorescent fluctuations? The..."
Samsung Wisenet III Camera Shootout on Nov 18, 2013
"...Samsung 720p SNB-5004 and 1080p SNB-6004 and ran a simultaneous shootout against top performers from Axis, Bosch and Sony to see how they could compare. We did low light, WDR and bright light..."
Why Would Anyone Use Axis Camera Station? on Nov 15, 2013
"Axis Camera Station (ACS) is Axis' traditional server based VMS, very roughly equivalent to..."
Has Anyone Actually Used An Axis P5544? on Nov 14, 2013
"A couple years back, Axis announced the P5544, their strange PTZ/panoramic hybrid camera. I had honestly forgotten it..."
Avigilon Begins Marketing Access Control on Nov 13, 2013
"... Even more compelling: Will Avigilon Access work with Axis' A1001 'open' controller? Digital Video Integration is addressed, but no concrete details are..."
AXIS T8412/T8414 Installation Display on Nov 13, 2013
"... I called Axis tech support about it, and they said they don't support it other than it functioning with Axis..."
Axis P3384 Areal View Camera on Nov 06, 2013
"I just setup an Axis P3384 Arial View camera. Of that is what I think they call them. I use OnSSI and when it read it..."
Axis Sales Essentials Training Reviewed on Nov 05, 2013
"Axis has been barnstorming across the US, with a 1 day training course to "ignite new and run-rate..."
Winners & Losers Fall 2013 on Nov 04, 2013
"... The biggest news was the debatable entry of Axis and Milestone into access control. But the biggest gains might be for Chinese manufacturers who..."
What Cameras Meet These Stringent Requirements? on Nov 02, 2013
"... This included Axis M3000 and P3300 series and Ganz PixelPro series. Typical frame rates dropped to the 20-22fps..."
Testing Geovision Mini IR Camera on Nov 01, 2013
"...we tested it against competitive low cost models from Pelco and ACTi, and integrated IR models from Axis and Q-See. We tested both full light image quality: And below 1 lux to test IR range and..."
The HDcctv Shakeup on Oct 31, 2013
"Two years ago, we projected that companies going for either Axis VSaaS or the HDcctv Alliance were making desperate moves. Now, it is more clear than ever that..."
Axis Bells and Whistles Box Camera (Q1614) on Oct 30, 2013
"Axis has announced a next generation version of its popular Q1604 camera that adds in a slew of new..."
VMD Camera Shootout on Oct 28, 2013
"... In order to test whose on-camera VMD performed best, we used cameras from Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, and Sony in multiple scenes, day and night, starting with a simple indoor conference..."
Where Can You Get Camera Enclosure Like These? on Oct 23, 2013
"... They were using the Axis mini dome and I saw Axis box cams in the smoked domes. I could see the green light through the..."
Analytics vs Rain: Axis, Bosch & Sony on Oct 21, 2013
"... This was a key objection to our Camera Analytics Test: Axis vs. Bosch vs. Sony. Members rightfully noted it is one thing for an analytics to do well indoors..."
Big Police Show (IACP) Best and Worst on Oct 21, 2013
"... And the Axis booth was next to a digital speed limit sign company. The Most Packed Booth This is just..."
iSpy Open Source Windows VMS Tested on Oct 18, 2013
"...  Camera Support: auto discovery or manual- over 1000 models including Axis, Arecont, AD, and more via RTSP or HTTP, including ONVIFdm.  Enterprise Mangement:..."
Axis Growth Rebounds Q3 2014 on Oct 17, 2013
"Axis had its best quarter in more than a year, rebounding from recent slow growth, to its old high..."
New Full HD Height Strip Camera Reviewed on Oct 16, 2013
"... Height strip cameras are one way to achieve this, though only Axis has offered a megapixel one - a very expensive 1MP model - the P85. Now, a rival manufacturer is..."
Testing Vivotek Cube Panoramic (CC8130) on Oct 16, 2013
"...other panoramic cameras (another Vivotek and the new Brickcom Immervision one), the super wide angle 3MP Axis M30, as well as an ACTi conventional cube camera to get a full range of realistic..."
EMC Dumps Axis VSaaS on Oct 15, 2013
"Just two years ago, mega storage manufacturer EMC partnered with Axis to make video surveillance in the cloud go mainstream. Now, it is dead already. In this note,..."
Axis Q1765 Long Range Integrated IR Camera Reviewed on Oct 11, 2013
"Integrated IR camera offerings continue to expand with Axis announcing its longest range offering yet, the Q1765-LE. In this note, we compare it to Axis' 2..."
Professional But Low Cost IP Video Alternatives To Avigilon / Exacq /... on Oct 10, 2013
"... Here are some thoughts about alternatives (in alphabetical order): Axis Camera Companion - no VMS recorded needed, just a handful of M series Axis cameras with SD cards..."