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Axis is one of the largest manufacturers of video surveillance globally. Axis was acquried by Canon in 2015.

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Would You Use Axis Bird Spikes? on Oct 01, 2015
"Axis has a new accessory: Bird Control Spikes The idea is that the spike discourages birds from..."
Mandatory Milestone,Canon & Axis Products For Projects? on Sep 30, 2015
"...Canon's Partnership (€8K value) the products for new projects must be "only" Milestone, Canon and Axis = Independent Companies? Open Platform?"
Axis Releases Their Own Video Analytics on Sep 28, 2015
"...promoting third party video analytic applications and improving their VMD (see IPVM test results of Axis VMD 3.0 vs Avigilon), Axis is now finally releasing their own video analytics called 'Guard..."
AXIS Q6045-E Blackout When Below -30 on Sep 21, 2015
"I have 9 of these in field and when temperature goes below -30 or if windchill goes to -45 to -50..."
Axis Edge Storage Duration Estimate? on Sep 21, 2015
"... I am looking at putting two Axis M3004 720 P cameras into a mall kiosk situation. 1 would be looking pretty much straight at the..."
Axis Non-IP Camera / DVR Kit Is Here on Sep 17, 2015
"Back to the future? If you can't beat em, join em? Axis has a new release, the F34 Surveillance System which is unlike any 'system' Axis has..."
Internet Explorer 11 Not Supporting AMC Anymore? on Sep 10, 2015
"... After upgrading I noticed IE 11 isn't supporting Axis Media Control streaming as the default viewing method. Despite having IE as the default browser,..."
I Lost My Axis Silver Partner Status Today on Sep 07, 2015
"Disclaimer - To the die hard Axis guys (I used to be too), this is just my opinion. Their products are solid, but their..."
Do Manufacturers Care If Their Resellers Are Double Dealing With The... on Sep 01, 2015
"Will/can they drop you for becoming a partner with the competition? After considering Dwayne's Axis - Hikvision dilemma of "Should I Pay or Should I go Now?", I was wondering if a top-tier company..."
Are There, Or Will There Be Tests Of Axis P3224 And P3225? on Aug 28, 2015
"I am especially interested in a comparison between p3224-LV and p3354. Low light, wdr and..."
Is It Time For Me To Start Selling Hikvision? on Aug 28, 2015
"... I'm recommending Axis M and P series cameras with Axis Camera Companion and Netgear Poe switches, their recommending..."
IC Realtime Claims To Sell 50% More Cameras Than Axis... on Aug 28, 2015
"The catch? In units, including analog. Still is it likely to be true? They don't say that..."
Axis Wireless Cameras? on Aug 27, 2015
"Intrested in peoples experience with Axis Wireless Cameras. I have a franchise who have kiosks in malls around the country. I have quoted..."
Axis WDR Zipstream Low-Cost M1125 Tested on Aug 26, 2015
"Axis has been busy promoting speciality devices like IP horns and video intercoms. However, they..."
Here's What Avigilon Should Do Now on Aug 24, 2015
"... Axis' North American GM Fredrik Nilsson is the antithesis of Schmode - politically savvy, diplomatic..."
Want Advice On Cleaning Lens On Dome Camera Mounted 36' High? on Aug 22, 2015
"Have an Axis 3007-pv mounted 36’ high above the tipping floor of a waste reduction facility. It’s..."
$28 Million Funding for Doorbell Cam Startup on Aug 21, 2015
"...video offerings as well as video intercoms from video manufacturers like Mobotix and, more recently, Axis. However, none of them have been built or optimized for residential / home users. The main..."
SMB Market Video Surveillance Guide on Aug 20, 2015
"... A lot of these types use Axis." However, other common competition include electrican firms, IT companies, and intrusion..."
Any Word On The Axis Q3709-PVE Multi-Imager? on Aug 19, 2015
"I am curious about this model and would like to see real application. It was stated the expected..."
Question On Axis 233D on Aug 17, 2015
"We have a client with multiple 233D PTZ cameras. 2 of them were down for their parking lot and..."
Panasonic 4K / 12MP Camera Tested on Aug 17, 2015
"We bought the new Panasonic 4K / 12MP WV-SFV781L dome camera and tested it against the:  Axis P1428E Bosch NBN-80122 Dahua IPC-HFW4800E In this in-depth report, we..."
Axis Releases A Video Game on Aug 15, 2015
"... Here are highlights of the game: You can play the Axis video game here. It appears impossible to break an Axis camera, even with a 'major league bat',..."
Encrypting Video By Tunneling Rtsp/Rtp Inside Https on Aug 15, 2015
"... This simple test shows its possible to encrypt the transmission between an Axis M3006, running in HTTPS only mode, and Milestone Xprotect (Corporate), with HTTPS..."
Alternate Ways To Access Video Streams on Aug 13, 2015
"...streams other than via the cameras GUI or using the VMS? Below are the methods given in the standard Axis User Manual, but where do these paths get entered into? What about any other methods to view..."
Genetec Cloud Tested on Aug 12, 2015
"Not since Axis public and prolonged agony with AVHS, has a major manufacturer bet as heavily as Genetec is..."
Has Anyone Tried a 128GB Or Larger SDXC Card In An Axis Camera? on Aug 08, 2015
"...extensively on Google and IPVM and cannot find anyone who has attempted to use a 128GB SDXC card in an Axis camera. Success or failure I'd like to know if it's possible. The official Axis response is..."
Lowest Priced Auto Focus Cameras on Aug 06, 2015
"...back focus cameras using the IPVM Camera Finder to analyze and rank auto-focus cameras from Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, FLIR, Hikvision, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sony, Vivotek and more. Auto Focus/Auto..."
Mobotix P25 Camera Tested on Aug 04, 2015
"...illustrate physical size of the camera, the image below shows a side by side comparison of the Mobotix P25, Axis M3005 and Axis P3354. Web Interface Below is a screencast overviewing the Mobotix P25's web..."
Favorite Large System Cameras on Aug 03, 2015
"... Indeed, many integrators cited 3 favorites, such as: "Axis, Sony, Panasonic...name brands.....lower end systems will use lower end cameras that are less..."
$100 True WDR Camera Tested (FLIR CVI) on Jul 31, 2015
"... We bought the FLIR C233BD to see how it performs against other CVI models and the Axis Q1615, a leading WDR IP model. This continues our series of HD analog tests,..."
"Future-Proofing" Access Control Guide on Jul 30, 2015
"...Options for interoperable devices are limited to the three major providers and controllers we list in our Axis vs HID vs Mercury Access Controllers note. An enduser with hardware from one of these providers..."
The Company Behind AHD - Nextchip on Jul 29, 2015
"... And surely, even Axis, will not ship anywhere close to 10 million cameras in 2015. We do believe that there are 10+..."
Hospital Video Surveillance Guide on Jul 28, 2015
"..." "I have specified Bosch, Pelco, and Axis. No particular reason to use them. Many hospitals still use DVRS and started migrating to..."
Axis Camera Companion VMS Tested on Jul 27, 2015
"Axis is focusing more on their own 'end to end solutions'. Camera Companion is Axis' 'VMS killer',..."
Should I Use The Axis Q1604 + Edge Storage For Traffic Application? on Jul 22, 2015
"Looking for any advice on 2 Axis issues Looking for a traffic camera to catch cars going up & down a rural road with no..."
Smart CODEC Guide on Jul 21, 2015
"... Performance Tested IPVM has tested a number of implementations including: Axis Zipstream Tested Vivotek Smart Stream Tested Panasonic VIQS (no report) Arecont Bandwidth..."
Do Axis Cameras Default To No Password Required? on Jul 18, 2015
"It's well known that Axis cameras have no default password; you are prompted, from the web client, to create a..."
You Cannot Trust the ONVIF Chairman on Jul 17, 2015
"... The Axis Salesman The ONVIF chairman, Per Björkdahl, is a long time Axis salesmen who Axis made..."
Police Station Video Surveillance Guide on Jul 15, 2015
"...of jail cells to mitigate the risk of inmate injury, but anti-ligature units (ie: these examples from Axis, Bosch, and Vivotek) are not common elsewhere in the facility: "Anti-ligature models are..."
Is Anyone Still Using Axis 2100 In Production? on Jul 12, 2015
"The Axis 2100 is an ancient / historic IP camera. However, we were surprised when someone asked us for..."
Axis Financials From Bad To Worse (Q2 2015) on Jul 09, 2015
"Things keep getting worse for Axis and now sales are actually shrinking. In this note, we break down: How revenue and profits..."
Avigilon HD Micro Dome Test on Jul 08, 2015
"...0-H3M-DC1), shown below: And put it to the test against the Axis M3004, the Dahua IPC-HD2100N and the Hikvision DS-2CD7164-E. We tested in full light, low..."
Axis vs HID vs Mercury Access Controllers on Jul 07, 2015
"... Historically, the most well known two have been Mercury and HID, with Axis joining the field in 2013. In this note, we contrast the three providers, examining: The..."
Go After Your Competitors on Jul 06, 2015
"..., premium cameras - Axis, end to end solutions - Avigilon, mid-tier VMSes - Exacq, etc.) and make clear cases against..."
IHS Reports 245 Million Security Cameras Are Installed Worldwide... on Jul 01, 2015
"... For network cameras, Axis is ranked #1 and Hikvision #2. Look for Axis to update their website shortly. I believe that..."
Pros and Cons - Automating Firmware Updates on Jul 01, 2015
"... In this note, we look at Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Exacq and Speco proceses as well as the advantages and disadvantages of automatic..."
Airport Video Surveillance Guide on Jun 30, 2015
"...follows the project size and budget, with larger systems more likely to use top-end brands and gear: "Axis, Sony, Panasonic, Pelco, etc. They all have their airports to point to." "Large airports have..."
Camera Edge Storage / Recording Tutorial on Jun 29, 2015
"... In practice, 64GB is becoming fairly common and, for example, is what Axis has 'standardized' on with its recent SanDisk OEMed SD cards. 64GB per camera is equivalent to..."
Super Low Light HD Lens Tested on Jun 26, 2015
"...surrounded by 'normal' size megapixel surveillance lenses: We tested this lens on three cameras from Axis, Arecont, and Samsung, ranging from 720p to 5MP, to see what differences, if any, existed..."
Need Help Clearing Up Axis / Avigilon License Plate Shots on Jun 25, 2015
"... I have attampted to get this shot with an Avigilon 5MP camera and also an Axis P1427. I have got better results from the Axis camera. I have a little more versatility with the..."
China and Taiwan Manufacturer Financials on Jun 24, 2015
"... To put that in perspective, Hikvision's profits are roughly equal to Axis' total revenue, yet Axis is a huge company for the video surveillance market. And Dahua's..."
The $3 Billion Camera Chip Manufacturer - Ambarella on Jun 23, 2015
"... Even Axis uses some Ambarella, e.g., their recent 4K camera (the P1428E). Ambarella, and surveillance..."
How Can You Tell If a Camera Is For Outdoors? on Jun 18, 2015
"Take my M3007-PV or Lee's M3006-V Axis dome camera: They have aluminum bodies, screw down seals and a plugged cable tail. They also..."
Axis M3006-v Outdoor Enclosures on Jun 17, 2015
"Have customer who sold one of there buildings. She wants to repurpose two cameras to outside..."
Integrators, Have You Been Burned By CDW? on Jun 15, 2015
"... This concern was first raised here - Axis: Skip The Traditional Dealers. Buy All Your Cameras From CDW and then further here: CDW: We Love..."
Favorite SMB Video Surveillance Manufacturers on Jun 15, 2015
"... With the high-end saturated from early IP camera adopters, premium brands like Axis and Milestone see SMB as their main growth opportunity. At the same, Chinese manufacturers, such..."
Milestone's 2014 Financials Revealed on Jun 15, 2015
"... The key problems were: (1) Like Axis, Milestone benefited from significant positive exchange rates swings. Unlike Axis, Milestone..."
CDW: We Love You Axis But Here is Samsung for 50% Less on Jun 12, 2015
"Axis steering end users to CDW has been a hot topic on IPVM recently. Unfortunately, that admiration..."
Online Surveillance Sales Trends 2015 on Jun 11, 2015
"... CDW After outlining what my needs were for the system, the CDW rep recommended Axis himself as he said it was their go-to and "what they mainly use". Initially, I was quoted..."
Ranking The Lowest Cost True Minidomes on Jun 10, 2015
"... In this analysis, we examine 12 manufacturer products (from ACTi, Arecont, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, D-Link, FLIR, Hikvision, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Vivotek), breaking down the..."
City Video Surveillance Guide on Jun 08, 2015
"... Some of the more commonly cited brands are broken out below: Axis "Axis units are consistently reliable, easy to troubleshoot, very "wireless friendly" and can..."
Corridor Mode Tested on Jun 03, 2015
"... Over the past 1-2 years, this list has grown significantly, as only Axis previously claimed this feature. Also see which cameras support corridor mode in the..."
Hikvision Anti Hacking Firmware Tested on Jun 03, 2015
"... Readers should see our IP Camera Passwords - Axis, Dahua, Samsung report for more details. Samsung includes a device activation process..."
Chinese IR Camera Dominance on Jun 02, 2015
"... Many incumbents, such as Axis, Bosch, Sony, etc., added IR to their line late, and included it only as a high end feature in..."
Axis: Skip The Traditional Dealers. Buy All Your Cameras From CDW. on Jun 01, 2015
"Is this a standard policy of Axis? Where to buy surveillance cameras? Or just a lone Axis rep with a thing for CDW? Dave Curran"
The New Post-Milestone OnSSI Tested on Jun 01, 2015
"... In our tests, cameras such as the Axis Q1615 and Samsung Wisenet Lite cameras, which were not listed as supported, did not connect..."
Amazon Aims To Compete With ADI and Anixter on Jun 01, 2015
"...example, a spot check of some commercial security brands shows product available from multiple vendors: Axis Dahua Hikvision Pelco Milestone HID Global Paxton However, Amazon's availability of..."
Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Tested on May 28, 2015
"...testing: We tested Eagle Eye's cloud VMS platform, using their 310 Combo Bridge, with cameras from Axis, Bosch, Sony, Hikvision, Dahua, and others to analyze Eagle Eye's competitive..."
Samsung Or Pelco Or Axis? on May 26, 2015
"Samsung or Pelco or AXIS CCTV, which shall be best choice for hotels and street surveillance??"
School Video Surveillance Guide on May 26, 2015
"..."  Of all brands, Axis was mentioned most often (about 50% of all answers mentioned them), but names like Avigilon,..."
Axis Q6035 And Lightning on May 20, 2015
"Had a Q6035 get hit with lightning…what do you guys think, worth repairing or should I..."
Axis End-to-End Solutions are Here! on May 20, 2015
"... In this note, we break down Axis' new focus on 'end-to-end solutions', how they are positioning it, its weaknesses and what this..."
Winners Losers Spring 2015 on May 18, 2015
"...those three key themes (Consolidation, Commoditization and New Products), examining the fortunes of Axis, Avigilon, Arecont, Hikvision, Dahua, Samsung, Genetec, Milestone, Exacq, Pelco, Panasonic,..."
Free Top IPVM Resources on May 16, 2015
"...stands against even the most powerful companies in the industry, as showcased in our critique of The Axis Corruption Cruise:   And IPVM examines contentious business issues such as our review..."
Anything But Arecont, Avigilon, Axis: A New Feature on May 15, 2015
"...are some example searches: 2MP+ varifocal IR dome with autofocus, excluding Arecont, Avigilon and Axis. 720p+ D/N bullets or boxes, excluding Dahua and Hikvision. ONVIF S panoramic cameras..."
Ranking The Lowest Cost Outdoor Cameras 2015 on May 14, 2015
"... In this new analysis, we examine 13 manufacturer products (ACTi, Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, D-Link, FLIR, Hikvision, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Vivotek), breaking down the..."
Testing Dahua HDCVI Encoder With VMSes on May 14, 2015
"...the Hikvision DS-6704HFI (~$260 USD online), though priced below others, such as the Axis P7214 (~$430). This pricing is also notably more expensive than HDCVI DVRs of similar..."
New: Axis Video Intercom on May 12, 2015
"... Axis might be getting pushed out of the low end of the market, but they are building out high-end..."
Axis T8640 Ethernet Over Coax on May 11, 2015
"... They are looking to put both in an elevator cab; the two devices are: - Axis camera (I chose the Q8414-LVS) - Stanley Eyelock Nano (biometrics as a supplement to a..."
Samsung Wisenet Lite Cameras Tested on May 11, 2015
"...bullet to see how they compare to low-cost competitors and Samsung's own Wisenet III line, including: Axis M3005-V Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I Dahua IPC-HFW1200S Samsung SNB-6004 We tested the cameras..."
Axis Anti-H.265 Document Uncovered on May 09, 2015
"Has anyone else come across this Axis polemic on h.265/HEVC, from October? Looking a bit ragged, and possibly unfinished, it looks..."
Avigilon Fights Back Against Falling Share Price With Share Buyback on May 08, 2015
"... " Undervalued? Compared to other surveillance companies financials, like Axis, Dahua and Hikvision, one can make a reasonable case for the stock being undervalued. For..."
Avigilon Growth Down, Expenses Up, Stock Slammed on May 05, 2015
"...of the market (certainly established Western brands) are struggling as well, most notably signaled by Axis' only 2% growth in local currencies for the same quarter. On the other hand, Avigilon's main..."
WDR Camera Shootout 2015 on May 04, 2015
"...0W-H3-B2 Axis Q1615 Bosch NBN-932V Hikvision DS-2CD4132FWD Panasonic WV-SFV631L Pelco IME319 Samsung..."
Dahua Massive American Expansion on May 04, 2015
"...1 billion USD revenue last year, making it way larger than Axis and only trailing their domestic rival Hikvision. However, Dahua remains far behind both Axis..."
Axis Camera - Access Denied After PW Change With % on May 02, 2015
"... I needed to change the root password on an Axis P3367, and by chance the password I chose contained the % character (not a big deal, right?)...."
Axis New Install Tool (T8415) on Apr 30, 2015
"For years, Axis has had the Dynacolor OEMed T8414 installation display but it has received mixed reviews. Now,..."
Axis, Canon and the Hedge Fund on Apr 28, 2015
"Canon 'owns' Axis. However, a hedge fund is causing pains for the companies as it attempts to profiteer from the..."
Uniview Chinese Camera Tested on Apr 28, 2015
"... Competitors tested against the Uniview included high-end models from: Axis Q1615 Bosch NBN-932V Hikvision DS-2CD4132FWD Samsung SNB-6004 Below is a preview of..."
Axis Retargeted Web Advertising? on Apr 23, 2015
"... Well, starting last week, all my ads on Drudge Report are Axis with that nice elephant stepping on a camera. I wonder where I picked up that cookie? Probably..."
Gain / AGC for Video Surveillance Guide on Apr 23, 2015
"...(Moderately Dark) Color Mode 300 Lux (Daytime) Our testing was done across 3 HD cameras from Avigilon, Axis and Bosch to see a range of performances. Inside the Pro section, we share our results and..."
First Ever IPVM Podcast - Business Trends April 2015 on Apr 21, 2015
"We talk industry growth rates, Axis, Canon, Milestone, multi-imagers, Avigilon and more. 0:10 - Axis Announcement 3:57 - Canon..."
Worst ISC West Showing 2015 on Apr 20, 2015
"... At ISC West, Axis, Avigilon, Pelco and DW all unveiled directly competing products. Arecont goes from no..."
Product / Tech Roundup ISC West 2015 on Apr 20, 2015
"... Here are the highlights of what we reviewed: ACTi new beaning mode Axis low cost premium cameras Bosch super long range IR PTZ Briefcam enhanced analytics Canon new..."
Axis Bad Financial Results (Q1 2015) on Apr 20, 2015
"In their first financials after Canon has agreed to purchase Axis at a massive premium, Axis delivers more bad results. Inside this note, we break down the..."
Was Creating ONVIF a Wise Decision For Axis? on Apr 18, 2015
"Formed in 2008 by Axis, Sony and Bosch ONVIF has been, by most estimates, a successful standards initiative, achieving..."
Axis Co-Founder Boasts That Canon 'Solely Focused On Cameras' on Apr 17, 2015
"Axis Co-founder Martin Gren opined on the Canon acquisition: "The first time I met, I never thought..."
Is There a Way To Use Axis Camera Companion Without Internet Access? on Apr 15, 2015
"I have a customer with two cameras and he wants to use the camera companion software. He has no..."
Avigilon HD Multi-sensor: First Varifocal Multi-Imager Cameras on Apr 15, 2015
"2015 is the year of multi-imager cameras, with Axis unveiling a 33MP model, Pelco announcing DragonFly and DW coming out with a 48MP..."