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Anyone Used A Axis F44 With Milestone? on Jan 22, 2015
"I don't see that particular unit listed in the supported hardware list for Milestone..."
Bosch 4K Tested on Jan 21, 2015
"4K promises more pixels but does it undermine WDR and low light performance? We tested the Axis 4K camera and there were certainly issues. Now, we tested the Bosch 4K camera, the Dinion IP..."
Do You Believe An Ecosystem, Like The One Axis Created, Is Good Or Bad... on Jan 20, 2015
"There's no doubt that Axis has been the central force in creating an ecosystem of partnerships within the IP video..."
Largest New Video Surveillance Projects on Jan 19, 2015
"... The project was won with Axis & Aimetis for about $5.2 million. The competition was Hikvision. Axis cameras were..."
Axis CEO: Selling Their Own VMS In The Mid-Market on Jan 18, 2015
"Axis VMS partners rejoice lament. In an interview with SED, Axis CEO affirms: "You’ll also..."
Sued For Using Axis Cameras, Settles With Troll on Jan 13, 2015
"We were recently sued by Canatelo for patent infringement for selling Axis cameras that make use of video motion detection, and can send the video through email. Until our..."
New ONVIF Profile Q Aims To Change Discovery and Default Passwords on Jan 13, 2015
"... For those familiar with Axis, this is how they do it (see: IP Camera Passwords - Axis, Dahua, Samsung). Since most..."
Vivotek FD8367-TV Vs Axis M3025LVE For Nightclub Environment on Jan 12, 2015
"... Our camera suppliers have offered two types of cameras: Vivotek FD8367-TV & Axis M3024LVE. Budget is an issue. We will carry out a test of each camera in various areas as strobe..."
Axis Analytics Vs Avigilon Tested on Jan 12, 2015
"Axis has released the next generation of their advanced video motion detection application, VMD 3.0...."
Is Axis Still Number One In IP Cameras? on Jan 09, 2015
"... This anachronistic proclamation can be found on Axis' Products page: The link leads to a press release from 2012 concerning IMS data from 2011,..."
PoE Guide for IP Video Surveillance on Jan 09, 2015
"... Many PoE devices are 'Alternate A or B agnostic', with only a minority of connectors (ie: Axis M12 connector) as Alternate Type specific. (The M12 is Type B PoE only.) While the actual order..."
Axis P1428-E High DoA Rate, Anybody Else? on Jan 08, 2015
"We recently received a fairly large number of Axis P1428-E 4K cameras but more than a quarter of them were dead on arrival. Anyone else with..."
Integrating Old IP Cameras Into Newer VMS on Jan 07, 2015
"... We have a client with a bunch of older Axis IP cams that our VMS of choice (DW Spectrum/Nx Witness) does not support. One example is the..."
Nightmare Exacq Edge W/ Axis P1355 Time Server Issue - What Is Osixrules? on Jan 06, 2015
"I have an Axis P1355 camera running Exacq Edge 6.6. The time stamp on the Exacq Live view is out by 8 hours and..."
Axis Camera Down-Tilt Auto-Measurement on Jan 06, 2015
"... Now, in their high end gyroscope-equipped models, Axis has added real-time tilt display to their cameras, allowing users to quickly measure and adjust..."
Security Sales Forecast 2015 on Jan 05, 2015
"..., Axis AVHS where have you gone?). The cloud may be the future (or present) of other areas of IT /..."
Is Axis Right About H.264 Weakness? on Dec 30, 2014
"Check out this question from an Axis online knowledge test: Axis says the correct answer, i.e., the weakness, is that 'it is..."
Need To View Video From 2 Axis Camera Station Servers Simultaneously on Dec 30, 2014
"I have 2 Axis IP Camera sites on separate networks and wish to view both of these sites centrally from a third..."
Has The Long Term Partnership Between Axis And Milestone Come To An End? on Dec 22, 2014
"We have been running a project since November with the Axis P1428-E and are about to demonstrate the new Axis Q6000 to the same Customer tomorrow. We asked..."
Testing Scallop Panoramic Cameras on Dec 19, 2014
"... Details are moderately better than the Axis and Hikvision fisheye models, though substantially worse than the Arecont..."
Axis Explains How 'Arctic Temperature Control' Works on Dec 16, 2014
"... In the clip below, Axis explains how their frigid temperature models work. They disable the moving parts of the PTZ or..."
Axis Large Imager HD Camera (Q1635) on Dec 16, 2014
"... Axis is feeding into that with its latest release, the Q1635, a 1/2" imager camera that includes the..."
Is Axis F Series Like HDcctv In Concept, Indeed? on Dec 11, 2014
"F-series. Ok, I get this limitator out up front: cable is only max to ~40ft. But beside length..."
Major Moves - Security Manufacturer 2014 on Dec 08, 2014
"...] Axis Axis had no fund raising, acquisitions, stock price shifts or industry changing new..."
Access Control Lines Gaining and Losing Ground on Dec 04, 2014
"..." "The Axis A1001 is a nice fit for Genetec or other systems if needed." "Imron - largely hardware agnostic..."
Lux Rating / Minimum Illumination Guide on Dec 04, 2014
"... This range includes top low light performers such as Axis' Lightfinder Q1604 and Q1615, Samsung SNB-5004 and SNB-6005, and Sony's 6th Gen SNC-VB600 and..."
Manufacturer Sales Pitches Revealed on Dec 02, 2014
"... Manufacturers Covered We 'secret shopped' 12 manufacturers including: Avigilon Axis Bosch Canon Exacq Genetec Milestone Mobotix Vivotek Panasonic Pelco Samsung Sony N..."
Camera Commissioning Labor Standards on Dec 01, 2014
"..." "Axis or Avigilon complete would be the least time. Anything else I'd add time." "About an hour but..."
Camera Comparison Tool Released on Nov 26, 2014
"...compare that model to any of 2000+ other camera models, like so: Here is a comparison between the Axis P3367-VE and the Avigilon 5.0-H3-D1-IR (click image to see full results): Of course, you can..."
Axis M3007 Or Other 360 Cam With Dahua NVR'S on Nov 25, 2014
"...with Dahua NVR's to see if you can access the different streams available from a 360 cam such as the Axis M3007? Curious if you can access any other streams than just the "default" stream which is..."
What Low Cost IP Cameras Hold Up The Best In The Field? on Nov 24, 2014
"... We dealt mainly with Axis, Sony, and Exacq Vision. I am a big fan of Exacq, and Axis, but in my location, I know we won't..."
Camera DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) Guide on Nov 20, 2014
"...0-H3-B1 Axis Q1615 Bosch NBN-733V Bosch NBN-932V Dahua IPC-HF3100N Hikvision DS-2CD864FWD Samsung..."
Live from ISC East 2014 on Nov 19, 2014
"... Items covered: Tri-Ed Major Presence ADT Major Presence Avigilon Camera Advice Axis Giveaway Analog HD NASCAR Primary Event Overall Traffic Missing Exhibitors Plus full..."
Axis Corner Mount Camera Examined on Nov 18, 2014
"... Axis has now announced its own HD corner mount cameras. In this note, we examine the key claimed..."
Dahua HDCVI 2.0 Tested on Nov 17, 2014
"...dissapointment? In this test we examine: How do these compare to IP cameras from big competitors like Axis, Hikvision and Samsung? How did low light performance compare to past Dahua models? How much..."
Axis Channel Model 'Creates Loyalty Like No Other' on Nov 13, 2014
"Wow, quite a declaration by Axis. Is it true?"
WDR Manufacturer Cheat Sheet and Camera Tracking on Nov 11, 2014
"..." Axis Axis markets three forms of WDR: Dynamic Contrast, Dynamic Capture, and Forensic Capture. Of..."
Access Interoperability: Going Nowhere on Nov 11, 2014
"... Even one of video interoperability's biggest champions, Axis, appears to be shunning the concept in access, as evidenced by a newly released card reader..."
Best & Worst Manufacturer Salespeople on Nov 10, 2014
"... Strong but Polarized - Axis By a 2:1 ratio, integrators citing Axis (total of 30) choose them as the..."
Testing Bandwidth vs Low Light on Nov 07, 2014
"...100% more than day, 500% more, 1000% more? We tested 8 manufacturer's cameras - Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Samsung and Sony - to find out how each did, what was average, and who was worst..."
Hikvision Tribrid Recorder Tested on Nov 05, 2014
"...  Hikvision DS-7216HGHI-SH: $375 USD estimated street price Axis S1016: ~$3,600 estimated street price ($3,999 MSRP) Hikvision DS-7716NI-SP/16: ~$700..."
AMAG 8 Aims to Make Takeovers Easier on Nov 03, 2014
"...management support for ONVIF Profile S, where 3rd-party camera support in previous versions was limited to Axis, Sony, Bosch, and Panasonic. V8 essentially supports over 3500 cameras, where V7 supported a few..."
Russian VSaaS Startup Claims Massive Growth on Oct 30, 2014
"... Even Axis has not been able to solve it. Only one startup to date has truly succeeded, Dropcam, fueled by..."
48 PTZs With Coaxitron Control Into Axis Encoders on Oct 29, 2014
"I have a site with 48 coaxitron controlled Pelco PTZs that I need to encode and control with Axis P7216 encoders. I know there are code converters out there but they are generally single port...."
Axis 4K Tested (P1428E) on Oct 29, 2014
"Two years ago, Axis declared the megapixel race over. Now, they are among the first to release a 4K (8.3MP) camera...."
Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing Ground on Oct 27, 2014
"... In alphabetical order, here are the companies most frequently cited: Analog Arecont Avigilon Axis Dahua Hikvision Panasonic Pelco Samsung Big Winner - Hikvision Hikvision won in a..."
Alternates To Old Cameras? on Oct 22, 2014
"... They want to re-deploy an old Axis 216 camera. I've had to write the "dude, please stop using that antique" memo already...."
Axis Launches Tech Support On YouTube on Oct 21, 2014
"Axis has kicked off a public tech support channel on YouTube, already posting 100 videos. While..."
Testing Arecont Omni on Oct 20, 2014
"...was configured in a rough 180° field of view to show differences versus single imager panoramics (Axis M3007 and Hikvision DS-2CD6362) set up in 180° mode as well. Full Light, ~160 lux In..."
Axis Admits Access Control Expectations Low on Oct 17, 2014
"Axis entrance into access control had been anticipated for years. Last year, Axis access control..."
Axis In Denial, Q3 Financial Report Bad on Oct 16, 2014
"Axis Q3 2014 numbers are bad. But their outlook is still rosy. The company has struggled to..."
IP Camera Passwords - Axis, Dahua, Samsung on Oct 15, 2014
"... In this note, we look at password procedures for Axis, Dahua and Samsung, explaining why and which are strong, moderate or weak. Strong:..."
Winners Losers Fall 2014 on Oct 13, 2014
"...review who is winning and losing among a number of notable manufacturers, including: Avigilon Axis Bosch Dahua Exacq FLIR Genetec Hikvision Milestone Pelco Pivot3 Samsung Sony Tyco V..."
Smart IR Panoramic Camera Tested on Oct 10, 2014
"...night operation:   We tested the FE8181 against name brand panoramic models, including the Axis M3007, Hikvision's IR 6MP IR panoramic, and Vivotek's previous generation FE8172V to see..."
Why is Avigilon's Stock Falling Like a Knife? on Oct 08, 2014
"... There is certainly no exodus of top tier talent from big surveillance manufacturers like Axis, Genetec and Milestone to Avigilon. And with the stock price dropping this much, that is an even..."
Testing Speco HD IP Intensifier on Oct 06, 2014
"... We tested them against leading low light models from Axis, Bosch, Geovision, Samsung, and Sony.Key Findings Here are our key findings from this..."
Axis Praises Mandatory Surveillance! on Oct 04, 2014
"...The World's Most Demanding Surveillance Requirements? Well, they are expanding to new countries and Axis is excited. Axis Middle East and Africa Marketing Manager said [sarcasm / fake]: "We are..."
Avigilon Tightens Channel on Oct 03, 2014
"... Recall the Avigilon CEO Charging that the Axis Model is Win - Lose. Scaling Up Small manufacturers can easily restrict access as their bigger..."
Axis VMD 2.1 With Milestone VMS? on Oct 02, 2014
"Anyone know how to setup Milestone so that it records based on motion using the Axis Video Motion Detection App (2.1)? Could have sworn I watched a Youtube of this once but now I..."
The Most Misleading Announcement of ASIS 2014 on Oct 02, 2014
"... What could get them so excited? Answer: a struggling small analytics company partnering with Axis. In this note, we examine Sightlogix's struggles, the meaning of the 'partnership' and what..."
ASIS 2014 - 17 Manufacturer Tech Review on Sep 30, 2014
"... This adds to our existing ASIS new product posts including: Thermal Radar, HID 'Twist and Go', Axis NVRs, Milestone DVRs, Axis Multi-Imager Panoramic, Genetec's 'Unified' Appliance, NICE Suspect..."
Axis Launches Multi-Imager Panoramic on Sep 29, 2014
"Axis has launched its first multi-imager panoramic, entering in to a promising market with limited..."
Axis Launches NVRs on Sep 29, 2014
"... Axis has joined the fray with their S10 series of NVRs. In this note, we review features, pricing..."
Axis Releases Card Reader on Sep 25, 2014
"Last year, Axis put the security market on notice by releasing the A1001 access controller (see IPVM test..."
Fall 2014 New Products Directory on Sep 23, 2014
"... Below are fall new releases announced at Security Essen / ASIS: Axis Access Card Reader Avigilon Analytic Cameras (VideoIQ) Scallop Multi-Imager Camera..."
Testing Sony HD Dome Camera on Sep 18, 2014
"...SNC-EM600 720p dome and tested in full light, low light, and WDR scenes against competitive models from Axis, Panasonic, and Hikvision, as well as Sony's 6th Generation V series.Key Findings Here are our..."
Wireless Microphone Options on Sep 17, 2014
"... We have tested an Axis P3367-V with a Axis T8353A Mic and have found that it works well but ambient noise (low level..."
3D Camera Design Training Class on Sep 16, 2014
"... Links These links are referenced during the presentation: SketchUp Download Axis Camera Extension 3D Warehouse [Note: As viewers of the video will see, this was originally..."
New Audio Surveillance Device Eliminates 3 Cables (Louroe) on Sep 16, 2014
"... The Axis P8221 Network I/O audio module (~$350 online) provides audio interface over PoE with inputs for..."
Testing Axis High End HD Camera Q1615 on Sep 15, 2014
"Axis core focus is the high end of the market. Their newest high end camera, the Q1615, aims to..."
How Long Does It Take For A Rolling Shutter To Completely 'Roll'? on Sep 12, 2014
"...grew out of a discussion of the benefits of global vs rolling shutter in our License Plate Recognition Axis App Tested. A rolling shutter does not expose the entire frame at once. It 'rolls' across..."
Alternatives To Axis? - Reliable But Low Cost on Sep 11, 2014
"Are there any reliable alternatives to Axis available? Reliability is of utmost importance but my client is also cost sensitive. How is..."
Bandwidth Guide For Video Surveillance on Sep 11, 2014
"...increases by nearly 600% from minimum to maximum sharpness in the Dahua camera, and almost 300% in the Axis Q1604. Wide Dynamic Performance WDR's impact on bitrate varies depending on the camera and..."
VideoIQ/Avigilon Vs Viasys/Axis Solution on Sep 10, 2014
"...with video analytics using either VideoIQ using Avigilon 1Mp Lightcatcher cameras or the VIASYS with Axis 1mp lightfinder cameras on a Exacq system.. The lot is 450' X 450' and I would like to install 4..."
License Plate Recognition (LPR) Axis App Tested on Sep 08, 2014
"... An embedded LPR app from ipConfigure aims to change that, turning compatible Axis cameras into all-in-one LPR systems, now with integration to Exacq. LPR vs LPC Many..."
Are There Any 4K Security Cameras Actually Shipping Yet*? on Sep 06, 2014
"Before ISC West this year John predicted "At least 10 companies will announce [4K 30fps] cameras..."
Arecont MegaBall2 Panomorph Vs The Axis M3007 on Sep 04, 2014
"Any preferences between the Arecont MegaBall2 with panomorph and the Axis M3007?"
Testing March MegaPX Domes on Sep 04, 2014
"...less than many but not all bigger brands: March MegaPX MiniDome Z: ~$600 estimated street price Axis P3346: $900 online Hikvision DS-2CD4132FWD-IZ: $550 USD online (includes..."
IP Camera Firmware Upgrade Directory on Aug 28, 2014
"... Batch upgrade: Yes, using Avigilon Control Center Axis Axis cameras may be updated via Axis Camera Management, one at a time or in batch, or via the..."
Testing Hikvision High End Camera on Aug 27, 2014
"...1080p domes such as Samsung and Vivotek ($500-550), and substantially lower than competitors such as Axis, Panasonic, and Sony. Pricing is as follows: Hikvision DS-2CD4132FWD-IZ: $550 USD..."
The Bloody HD Camera Wars Are Coming on Aug 25, 2014
"...positioning of the main players (such as Dahua CVI, Hikvision TVI, AHD, SDI and traditional IP players like Axis) and how this is likely to play out. Driver - Cost Cost is both #1 problem of moving to HD..."
Axis Recommends Thermal Cameras To Detect Ebola on Aug 21, 2014
"Here's the claim (from Roy Alves, Regional Business Development Manager for Axis Communications): "Since thermal cameras look at people’s heat signatures, they are able..."
ONVIF Tutorial 2014 on Aug 18, 2014
"... ONVIF as a 'Standard' ONVIF is a trade organization founded by Axis, Bosch and Sony in 2008 with 400+ members that has developed API specifications for integrating..."
Testing HD Lipstick Camera on Aug 15, 2014
"... We share our test results against cameras from Axis, Dahua, and Hikvision.Key Findings Here are our key findings from this test: Performance in..."
Testing IP Video - Super Low Bandwidth on Aug 08, 2014
"... Comparisons Using an Axis P3354, we measured bandwidth between 720p and QVGAresolutions using 10, 5, and 3 frames per..."
Anixter Security Revenue Declines on Jul 30, 2014
"... Axis growth continues to decelerate in North America as well (see Axis Q2 2014 results). However,..."
IndigoVision Rates Avigilon Worst In Class on Jul 29, 2014
"... IndigoVision ran their own shootout vs Avigilon, Axis and Bosch. [SPOILER ALERT] IndigoVision won! Obviously, a manufacturer run shootout is..."
Best Manufacturer Support 2014 on Jul 28, 2014
"... The companies that stood out included Arecont Vision, Avigilon, Axis, Exacq, Genetec, Hikvision, Lenel, Milestone, Pelco, Sony, S2 and Verint. But which ones were..."
How Important Is A 3-Axis Gimbal In Dome Cameras? on Jul 27, 2014
"...reason for the question is that some of the lower end or compact domes in the market do not offer a 3-axis gimbal. So under which circumstances would you accept a 2-axis gimbal dome? Lower price point?..."
Pelco IP Camera Price Cuts on Jul 24, 2014
"...the price cuts and how this impacts Pelco's competitive positioning against other large brands like Axis, Panasonic and Sony. Price Cuts Overview These price cuts impact two of Pelco's Sarix series,..."
What Is Axis 'Buy & Try'? on Jul 23, 2014
"See: buy & try"
Wide D1 / 960H - Will Axis Encoders Work? on Jul 21, 2014
"... For this particular site we would normally encode the streams using Axis encoders. Has anyone had experience encoding these? If so, I have a few questions: 1. Will..."
Panasonic Series 6 IP Cameras Tested on Jul 21, 2014
"...720p WV-SFV611L and the 1080p WV-SFV631L to see how they stack up against competitors from Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Samsung, and Sony.   In this report, we look at their performance in full..."
What If Axis Acquired Genetec? on Jul 16, 2014
"... The two best known and largest of these independents left are, on the camera side, Axis, and the VMS side, Genetec. What if these two combined? In this note, we break down the fit,..."
Does Anyone Have Any Practical Experience With Axis Access Control? on Jul 14, 2014
"In searching for a product for an application, I keep bumping into AXIS Access Control, model A1001 series, primarily for its ease of use, drag and drop features etc...."
Axis Promise: 4K In Q2 Or Q3 Or ? on Jul 11, 2014
"... But consider these two from AXIS, issued on the same day about the same camera with dates 90 days apart: First: The new AXIS..."
Battery Power An Axis Camera on Jul 11, 2014
"One of my customers needs to deploy some covert cameras (Axis P1224) in his large warehouse sized refrigerator. The temps in one cooler can be -12F and the..."
Axis Q2 2014 Growth Up But on Jul 09, 2014
"Axis' seesaw growth continues. After Axis missed and profits sank in Q1 2014, the second quarter's..."
Testing the Smallest HD Cameras on Jul 09, 2014
"...IR) CS-NPP640CM (2MP PoE) CS-NP640CM (2MP Non-PoE) And shot them out against Axis's P12 series (tested previously) to see how they compare.Key Findings Here are our key..."
New Hosted Access Provider: Feenics on Jul 08, 2014
"...Mercury Security: EP1501 & EP1502 Additionally, Feenics says they are developing support for Axis A1001 controllers. By contrast, Brivo which works with HID Edge, does not work with Mercury..."