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Axis is one of, if not the, largest manufacturers of video surveillance globally.

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Should I Use The Axis Q1604 + Edge Storage For Traffic Application? on Jul 22, 2015
"Looking for any advice on 2 Axis issues Looking for a traffic camera to catch cars going up & down a rural road with no..."
Do Axis Cameras Default To No Password Required? on Jul 18, 2015
"It's well known that Axis cameras have no default password; you are prompted, from the web client, to create a..."
Is Anyone Still Using Axis 2100 In Production? on Jul 12, 2015
"The Axis 2100 is an ancient / historic IP camera. However, we were surprised when someone asked us for..."
Axis Financials From Bad To Worse on Jul 09, 2015
"Things keep getting worse for Axis and now sales are actually shrinking. In this note, we break down: How revenue and profits..."
Axis vs HID vs Mercury Access Controllers on Jul 07, 2015
"... Historically, the most well known two have been Mercury and HID, with Axis joining the field in 2013. In this note, we contrast the three providers, examining: The..."
IHS Reports 245 Million Security Cameras Are Installed Worldwide... on Jul 01, 2015
"... For network cameras, Axis is ranked #1 and Hikvision #2. Look for Axis to update their website shortly. I believe that..."
Camera Edge Storage / Recording Tutorial on Jun 29, 2015
"... In practice, 64GB is becoming fairly common and, for example, is what Axis has 'standardized' on with its recent SanDisk OEMed SD cards. 64GB per camera is equivalent to..."
Need Help Clearing Up Axis / Avigilon License Plate Shots on Jun 25, 2015
"... I have attampted to get this shot with an Avigilon 5MP camera and also an Axis P1427. I have got better results from the Axis camera. I have a little more versatility with the..."
How Can You Tell If A Camera Is For Outdoors? on Jun 18, 2015
"Take my M3007-PV or Lee's M3006-V Axis dome camera: They have aluminum bodies, screw down seals and a plugged cable tail. They also..."
Axis M3006-V Outdoor Enclosures on Jun 17, 2015
"Have customer who sold one of there buildings. She wants to repurpose two cameras to outside..."
Integrators, Have You Been Burned By CDW? on Jun 15, 2015
"... This concern was first raised here - Axis: Skip The Traditional Dealers. Buy All Your Cameras From CDW and then further here: CDW: We Love..."
CDW: We Love You Axis But Here is Samsung for 50% Less on Jun 12, 2015
"Axis steering end users to CDW has been a hot topic on IPVM recently. Unfortunately, that admiration..."
Axis: Skip The Traditional Dealers. Buy All Your Cameras From CDW. on Jun 01, 2015
"Is this a standard policy of Axis? Where to buy surveillance cameras? Or just a lone Axis rep with a thing for CDW? Dave Curran"
Samsung Or Pelco Or Axis? on May 26, 2015
"Samsung or Pelco or AXIS CCTV, which shall be best choice for hotels and street surveillance??"
Axis Q6035 And Lightning on May 20, 2015
"Had a Q6035 get hit with lightning…what do you guys think, worth repairing or should I..."
Axis End-to-End Solutions are Here! on May 20, 2015
"... In this note, we break down Axis' new focus on 'end-to-end solutions', how they are positioning it, its weaknesses and what this..."
Free Top IPVM Resources on May 16, 2015
"...stands against even the most powerful companies in the industry, as showcased in our critique of The Axis Corruption Cruise:   And IPVM examines contentious business issues such as our review..."
Anything But Arecont, Avigilon, Axis: A New Feature on May 15, 2015
"...are some example searches: 2MP+ varifocal IR dome with autofocus, excluding Arecont, Avigilon and Axis. 720p+ D/N bullets or boxes, excluding Dahua and Hikvision. ONVIF S panoramic cameras..."
New: Axis Video Intercom on May 12, 2015
"... Axis might be getting pushed out of the low end of the market, but they are building out high-end..."
Axis T8640 Ethernet Over Coax on May 11, 2015
"... They are looking to put both in an elevator cab; the two devices are: - Axis camera (I chose the Q8414-LVS) - Stanley Eyelock Nano (biometrics as a supplement to a..."
Axis Anti-H.265 Document Uncovered on May 09, 2015
"Has anyone else come across this Axis polemic on h.265/HEVC, from October? Looking a bit ragged, and possibly unfinished, it looks..."
Dahua Massive American Expansion on May 04, 2015
"...1 billion USD revenue last year, making it way larger than Axis and only trailing their domestic rival Hikvision. However, Dahua remains far behind both Axis..."
Axis Camera - Access Denied After PW Change With % on May 02, 2015
"... I needed to change the root password on an Axis P3367, and by chance the password I chose contained the % character (not a big deal, right?)...."
Axis New Install Tool (T8415) on Apr 30, 2015
"For years, Axis has had the Dynacolor OEMed T8414 installation display but it has received mixed reviews. Now,..."
Axis, Canon and the Hedge Fund on Apr 28, 2015
"Canon 'owns' Axis. However, a hedge fund is causing pains for the companies as it attempts to profiteer from the..."
Axis Retargeted Web Advertising? on Apr 23, 2015
"... Well, starting last week, all my ads on Drudge Report are Axis with that nice elephant stepping on a camera. I wonder where I picked up that cookie? Probably..."
Product / Tech Roundup ISC West 2015 on Apr 20, 2015
"... Here are the highlights of what we reviewed: ACTi new beaning mode Axis low cost premium cameras Bosch super long range IR PTZ Briefcam enhanced analytics Canon new..."
Worst ISC West Showing 2015 on Apr 20, 2015
"... At ISC West, Axis, Avigilon, Pelco and DW all unveiled directly competing products. Arecont goes from no..."
Axis Bad Financial Results (Q1 2015) on Apr 20, 2015
"In their first financials after Canon has agreed to purchase Axis at a massive premium, Axis delivers more bad results. Inside this note, we break down the..."
Was Creating ONVIF A Wise Decision For Axis? on Apr 18, 2015
"Formed in 2008 by Axis, Sony and Bosch ONVIF has been, by most estimates, a successful standards initiative, achieving..."
Axis Co-Founder Boasts That Canon 'Solely Focused On Cameras' on Apr 17, 2015
"Axis Co-founder Martin Gren opined on the Canon acquisition: "The first time I met, I never thought..."
Is There A Way To Use Axis Camera Companion Without Internet Access? on Apr 15, 2015
"I have a customer with two cameras and he wants to use the camera companion software. He has no..."
Axis Announces 33MP Multi-Imager Camera on Apr 15, 2015
"The megapixel race is over! But now Axis has a higher resolution camera than Avigilon. Long live the megapixel race. In this note, we..."
Genetec Cloud LPR Examined on Apr 10, 2015
"... Genetec says the Axis Q1765 and the Axis P1425-LE are already approved and other models from Sony and Panasonic are..."
Axis ACC v3 + SanDisk OEM on Apr 09, 2015
"The most talked about new release in 2012 was Axis Camera Companion, aiming to eliminate traditional recorders and expand Axis into the low end of..."
AXIS Q1615-E on Apr 08, 2015
"Hi all, Does anyone know if the AXIS Q1615 (or any camera) can record to a SD card at 1080p / 60FPS? It seems highly unlikely to me,..."
Axis Introduces... An IP Horn? on Mar 27, 2015
"Axis invented the IP camera. Now they claim to have the "first open standard, network loudspeaker..."
Axis Zipstream Claims Average 50% Savings on Mar 25, 2015
"Axis claims that its new Zipstream compression technology can "lower bandwidth and storage..."
Axis P3364'S Reverting From “Auto” IR Cut Filter To “On” on Mar 24, 2015
"I have 8 Axis P3364’s,, that keep reverting from “Auto” IR Cut Filter (where I..."
Looking For Long-Range Camera Solution on Mar 17, 2015
"... I had planned to use the VideoTec Ulisse Maxi with an Axis Q1635 and a Fujinon 16.7-1000mm lens, however I don't have enough space in the housing. Ulisse..."
Question About Axis Pole Mount T91A47 on Mar 12, 2015
"I'm mounting an Axis Q1765-LE on a pole using the Axis T91A47. Question: Do I really need to get the ratchet tool as..."
Axis Cuts Prices on Mar 09, 2015
"Axis has cut prices on a number of their most popular markets. In this note, we look at feedback..."
Would You Choose Exacq With Arecont, Genetec With Axis Or Video Insight... on Mar 04, 2015
"Any help would be appreciated, I have received quotes for 3 different systems. It's not a matter..."
Axis Cameras - No Video, But Still Pingable?? on Mar 04, 2015
"... There are Axis cameras where the video would stop working but it's still pingable. I have seen this in..."
Problem With Milestone VMS & Axis M3026 Camera? on Mar 03, 2015
"We recently added 26 Axis M3026-VE cameras to a Milestone Enterprise system and the playback is choppy/not smooth. It..."
Any Issues With Axis Lately? on Mar 02, 2015
"Just wanting to see if anyone has had issues with Axis recently. We've see a good droppage in support from our local guys (poor email response) and..."
Milestone Admits IPO Plan Lie on Feb 27, 2015
"...Milestone will be independent, despite being wholly owned by Canon and despite Canon's 'plan' to acquire Axis. When the day comes that Canon, as 100% owner, decides to cross-sell / combine Axis and..."
Proposed: Axis Vs Hikvision High-End Camera Shootout on Feb 26, 2015
"We are going to do an "Axis vs Hikvision High-End Camera Shootout". This is timely because of the rise in Chinese..."
What Are The Benefits Of Axis Certified Professional And The Axis Class? on Feb 25, 2015
"We were thinking of taking the class and the exam for the Axis Certified Professional. It is a 4 day class and $500. I happen to think the class is a little..."
Factory Reset Good For Various Vendors Camera Health? on Feb 23, 2015
"On a discussion about an Axis camera we talked about using factory reset to get out of a wedged state ("wedged" being a vague..."
Axis Whitepaper On Video Surveillance Latency on Feb 23, 2015
"... Over the weekend, we spotted a new Axis whitepaper on latency. Here are some of the key points / metrics in the paper: "The time it..."
Axis Fixes VBR / CBR Setting on Feb 23, 2015
"...constant bit rate VBR with a cap - variable bit rate with a maximum bit rate level Historically, Axis settings here have been misleading. Now, new firmware (5.60) has fixed this. In this note, we..."
$50 Mini NVR RTSP Stream Issues on Feb 20, 2015
"... I Haven't been able to get any Axis cameras to go in via ONVIF, or RTSP. The RTSP stream I'm inputting is..."
Upgrading F/W On Discontinued Axis Models on Feb 20, 2015
"I recently upgraded F/W on some old P3344's and a P1346 for a customer running ExacqVision and I..."
Worst Access Products - 100 Integrators Sound Off on Feb 18, 2015
"... "Axis A1001. They advertise inputs and outputs that aren't configurable/usable, they cheaped out on..."
Testing FLIR IR PTZ on Feb 17, 2015
"... We bought one of these new integrated IR models and tested it against an Axis Q6045-E, a common 1080p HD PTZ, to see how it matched up. Inside we look at these..."
Axis and Milestone To Remain Independent, Canon Declares on Feb 17, 2015
"Hoping, fearing, anticipating a 'Super Avigilon'? Will Axis and Milestone merge to become an 'end to end' solution? No, declares Canon. Inside this note,..."
Need Bullet Resistant IP PTZ Dome Housing, Plus Worst Support Ever on Feb 12, 2015
"... After hours on the phone with Moog and Axis, it was determined that the Axis encoder (282) built into the dome is not compatible with the..."
Canon, Uninnovative, Struggling For Years on Feb 11, 2015
"..." That is coming off an obviously low base but, more importantly, now with Axis, that becomes redundant anyway. Excuses Unsurprising, for a struggling company, Canon put..."
Genetec's Position on Axis / Canon Deal on Feb 10, 2015
"... We asked Genetec about their reaction to Canon's deal to buy Axis. Here is their response and our analysis. On the overall impact of the deal: "It is clear..."
How Long Before Axis Releases A No Punches Pulled VMS? on Feb 07, 2015
"Axis traditionally has downplayed the fact that they sell VMS software. They have intentionally made..."
What 51 Members Want Us To Test on Feb 05, 2015
"... Axis camera companion (smartphone app). Avtech eagle eyes smartphone app etc PSIM platforms fully..."
Axis M3024-LVE Video Quality on Feb 02, 2015
"We are seeing extremely poor video from the Axis M3024-LVE's (straight from camera). Nighttime, daytime, close range.....everything stays a..."
Axis Bad Financial Results Again (Q4 2014) on Jan 30, 2015
"Bad results last quarter spurred a debate about Axis performance. Now, Axis has turned in equally bad Q4 2014 results. In this note, we look..."
Solved: Exacq With Axis Camera Lousy H264 Picture - Why? on Jan 29, 2015
"Folks, I am testing the Exacq client in my lab and I see bad images from all my Axis cameras when I am using h264 streams. Bad means they look like they dropped some of the..."
Anyone Used A Axis F44 With Milestone? on Jan 22, 2015
"I don't see that particular unit listed in the supported hardware list for Milestone..."
Bosch 4K Tested on Jan 21, 2015
"4K promises more pixels but does it undermine WDR and low light performance? We tested the Axis 4K camera and there were certainly issues. Now, we tested the Bosch 4K camera, the Dinion IP..."
Do You Believe An Ecosystem, Like The One Axis Created, Is Good Or Bad... on Jan 20, 2015
"There's no doubt that Axis has been the central force in creating an ecosystem of partnerships within the IP video..."
Largest New Video Surveillance Projects on Jan 19, 2015
"... The project was won with Axis & Aimetis for about $5.2 million. The competition was Hikvision. Axis cameras were..."
Axis CEO: Selling Their Own VMS In The Mid-Market on Jan 18, 2015
"Axis VMS partners rejoice lament. In an interview with SED, Axis CEO affirms: "You’ll also..."
Sued For Using Axis Cameras, Settles With Troll on Jan 13, 2015
"We were recently sued by Canatelo for patent infringement for selling Axis cameras that make use of video motion detection, and can send the video through email. Until our..."
New ONVIF Profile Q Aims To Change Discovery and Default Passwords on Jan 13, 2015
"... For those familiar with Axis, this is how they do it (see: IP Camera Passwords - Axis, Dahua, Samsung). Since most..."
Vivotek FD8367-TV Vs Axis M3025LVE For Nightclub Environment on Jan 12, 2015
"... Our camera suppliers have offered two types of cameras: Vivotek FD8367-TV & Axis M3024LVE. Budget is an issue. We will carry out a test of each camera in various areas as strobe..."
Axis Analytics Vs Avigilon Tested on Jan 12, 2015
"Axis has released the next generation of their advanced video motion detection application, VMD 3.0...."
Is Axis Still Number One In IP Cameras? on Jan 09, 2015
"... This anachronistic proclamation can be found on Axis' Products page: The link leads to a press release from 2012 concerning IMS data from 2011,..."
PoE Guide for IP Video Surveillance on Jan 09, 2015
"... Many PoE devices are 'Alternate A or B agnostic', with only a minority of connectors (ie: Axis M12 connector) as Alternate Type specific. (The M12 is Type B PoE only.) While the actual order..."
Axis P1428-E High DoA Rate, Anybody Else? on Jan 08, 2015
"We recently received a fairly large number of Axis P1428-E 4K cameras but more than a quarter of them were dead on arrival. Anyone else with..."
Integrating Old IP Cameras Into Newer VMS on Jan 07, 2015
"... We have a client with a bunch of older Axis IP cams that our VMS of choice (DW Spectrum/Nx Witness) does not support. One example is the..."
Nightmare Exacq Edge W/ Axis P1355 Time Server Issue - What Is Osixrules? on Jan 06, 2015
"I have an Axis P1355 camera running Exacq Edge 6.6. The time stamp on the Exacq Live view is out by 8 hours and..."
Axis Camera Down-Tilt Auto-Measurement on Jan 06, 2015
"... Now, in their high end gyroscope-equipped models, Axis has added real-time tilt display to their cameras, allowing users to quickly measure and adjust..."
Security Sales Forecast 2015 on Jan 05, 2015
"..., Axis AVHS where have you gone?). The cloud may be the future (or present) of other areas of IT /..."
Is Axis Right About H.264 Weakness? on Dec 30, 2014
"Check out this question from an Axis online knowledge test: Axis says the correct answer, i.e., the weakness, is that 'it is..."
Need To View Video From 2 Axis Camera Station Servers Simultaneously on Dec 30, 2014
"I have 2 Axis IP Camera sites on separate networks and wish to view both of these sites centrally from a third..."
Has The Long Term Partnership Between Axis And Milestone Come To An End? on Dec 22, 2014
"We have been running a project since November with the Axis P1428-E and are about to demonstrate the new Axis Q6000 to the same Customer tomorrow. We asked..."
Testing Scallop Panoramic Cameras on Dec 19, 2014
"... Details are moderately better than the Axis and Hikvision fisheye models, though substantially worse than the Arecont..."
Axis Explains How 'Arctic Temperature Control' Works on Dec 16, 2014
"... In the clip below, Axis explains how their frigid temperature models work. They disable the moving parts of the PTZ or..."
Axis Large Imager HD Camera (Q1635) on Dec 16, 2014
"... Axis is feeding into that with its latest release, the Q1635, a 1/2" imager camera that includes the..."
Is Axis F Series Like HDcctv In Concept, Indeed? on Dec 11, 2014
"F-series. Ok, I get this limitator out up front: cable is only max to ~40ft. But beside length..."
Major Moves - Security Manufacturers 2014 / 2015 on Dec 08, 2014
"... Axis Axis financial results continue to trend downward and now Axis is going to be bought by..."
Access Control Lines Gaining and Losing Ground on Dec 04, 2014
"..." "The Axis A1001 is a nice fit for Genetec or other systems if needed." "Imron - largely hardware agnostic..."
Lux Rating / Minimum Illumination Guide on Dec 04, 2014
"... This range includes top low light performers such as Axis' Lightfinder Q1604 and Q1615, Samsung SNB-5004 and SNB-6005, and Sony's 6th Gen SNC-VB600 and..."
Manufacturer Sales Pitches Revealed on Dec 02, 2014
"... Manufacturers Covered We 'secret shopped' 12 manufacturers including: Avigilon Axis Bosch Canon Exacq Genetec Milestone Mobotix Vivotek Panasonic Pelco Samsung Sony N..."
Camera Commissioning Labor Standards on Dec 01, 2014
"..." "Axis or Avigilon complete would be the least time. Anything else I'd add time." "About an hour but..."
Camera Comparison Tool Released on Nov 26, 2014
"...compare that model to any of 2000+ other camera models, like so: Here is a comparison between the Axis P3367-VE and the Avigilon 5.0-H3-D1-IR (click image to see full results): Of course, you can..."
Axis M3007 Or Other 360 Cam With Dahua NVR'S on Nov 25, 2014
"...with Dahua NVR's to see if you can access the different streams available from a 360 cam such as the Axis M3007? Curious if you can access any other streams than just the "default" stream which is..."
What Low Cost IP Cameras Hold Up The Best In The Field? on Nov 24, 2014
"... We dealt mainly with Axis, Sony, and Exacq Vision. I am a big fan of Exacq, and Axis, but in my location, I know we won't..."
Camera DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) Guide on Nov 20, 2014
"...0-H3-B1 Axis Q1615 Bosch NBN-733V Bosch NBN-932V Dahua IPC-HF3100N Hikvision DS-2CD864FWD Samsung..."
Live from ISC East 2014 on Nov 19, 2014
"... Items covered: Tri-Ed Major Presence ADT Major Presence Avigilon Camera Advice Axis Giveaway Analog HD NASCAR Primary Event Overall Traffic Missing Exhibitors Plus full..."
Axis Corner Mount Camera Examined on Nov 18, 2014
"... Axis has now announced its own HD corner mount cameras. In this note, we examine the key claimed..."
Dahua HDCVI 2.0 Tested on Nov 17, 2014
"...dissapointment? In this test we examine: How do these compare to IP cameras from big competitors like Axis, Hikvision and Samsung? How did low light performance compare to past Dahua models? How much..."