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Axis is one of the largest manufacturers of video surveillance globally. Axis was acquried by Canon in 2015.

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Testing Axis' Top Low Light Camera Q1635 on Nov 23, 2015
"...new super low light, super low cost offerings from Hikvision and Dahua, and in this report we see how Axis' 1/2" Lightfinder model, the Q1635, stacks up. We tested it against other large imager super..."
Axis, Avigilon and Hikvision Markups Revealed on Nov 23, 2015
"... This note breaks down and contrasts the markups across Axis, Avigilon and Hikvision, revealing interesting trends and differences in profitability and..."
Axis Cybersecurity Hardening Guide Examined on Nov 19, 2015
"... In a rare proactive move, Axis has released a cybersecurity hardening guide, walking users through recommendations on how to..."
Axis A1001 / "POE Friendly" Electric Strike Suggestion on Nov 18, 2015
"I'm using a couple Axis A1001 devices on a new buildout. Deviation from my norm, but it actually saved me on cost. Now,..."
Alternatives To Axis Q6000-e Integrated PTZ/Panoramic Combination? on Nov 18, 2015
"A member asked about alternatives to the Axis Q6000-e, specifically a camera/unit with an integrated PTZ and panoramic camera in one. As we..."
Has An Axis RSM Ever Brought In a Competitor Integrator Into One Of Your... on Nov 17, 2015
"... This site has roughly 200 total cameras, with over 190 of them being Axis. We are an Axis Gold Level dealer. I feel like this is sour grapes and pretty unprofessional of..."
Unannounced Axis 4K PTZ Shows In Stock, Available In Slovenia. on Nov 14, 2015
"Can anyone explain this: then this And not a misprint, spec sheet lists Compact, top..."
The Biggest Surprises in the Video Surveillance Industry 2015 on Nov 13, 2015
"... It has really taken a toll on the number of higher end (Axis, Bosch) systems we have been able to deploy. And some customers have been surprised to see..."
Why Milestone, Why? Axis Vs Arecont on Nov 12, 2015
"...case why Milestone should be partnering and promoting Arecont when they are part of the same company as Axis? Why would you associate with Arecont when you have Axis? It's like cheating on your supermodel..."
Axis PTZ Patterns on Nov 12, 2015
"I'm messing with an Axis P5522-E PTZ camera. It's the first IP PTZ camera we've had and I'm confused about how to program..."
Video Analytics For Cross Line Detection In a Marine Environment on Nov 09, 2015
"... An Axis Q1932-E (35mm) thermal camera has been installed at the cove entrance aimed across the water...."
Pelco Optera 12MP Multi-Imager Tested on Nov 09, 2015
"...   As the multi-imager market is now expanding quickly, later this year, we also plan to test Axis' 33MP multi-imager model as well as Avigilon's HD multi-sensor. Summary Pelco's..."
Claimed Security Vulnerability in Axis, Aimetis and Milestone VMSes on Nov 09, 2015
"...research firm has claimed to discover a 'critical vulnerability' in major VMS software platforms including Axis (ACS), Aimetis and Milestone. The firm, Total Security, issued a notice, forwarded to IPVM..."
Differentiators vs Features - Stop Bad Pitches on Nov 06, 2015
"...determine as these are the companies that a company faces the most (in 2015, in North America, for cameras, Axis and Hikvision are clearly two, for VMSes, Milestone and Exacq (plus Genetec for anyone targeting..."
Undisclosed Vs Undisclosed Ethernet Challenge - Who Will Go The Distance? on Nov 05, 2015
"... 0:04 Monitor shown with active ping and video from Axis camera powered by Dlink POE switch. (red cable) 0:11 Axis camera (black) shown on middle of..."
Avigilon Bad Financial Results Q3 2015 on Nov 04, 2015
"... Like Axis, Avigilon overall revenue is being boosted significantly by exchange rate fluctuations...."
IP Camera Bootup Shootout 2015 on Nov 04, 2015
"...0W-H3-BO1-IR Axis M1125 Axis M3004-V Axis P3354 Bosch NBN-733v Bosch NBN-80052-BA Dahua..."
Milestone Access Control Module And Axis A001 on Nov 03, 2015
"Hi folks, I amd trying to integrate Milestone Enterprise with Axis A001 Access Control Module, but the Plugin at the Milestone appears as expired. So it does not..."
Suggestions Needed For Outdoor Dome With Recessed Mount - Maybe Axis... on Nov 02, 2015
"... Out of all of those, it looks like the only one that supports an outdoor recessed mount is the Axis P3225-LVE with the T94M01L bracket. Does anyone have any experience with the P3225-LVE, or..."
Live From China on Nov 02, 2015
"... In China, Hikvision, Dahua, and Uniview are regarded as high end, much like Axis et al. in the West. This is in stark contrast to North America, where these Chinese companies..."
Network Cabling for Video Surveillance Guide on Oct 30, 2015
"...it also significant to specify in video network design? When Is Using STP Mandatory? Industry giant Axis Communications recently declared use of STP mandatory for outdoor cameras per the following..."
Large Video Surveillance Systems Guide on Oct 29, 2015
"... A lot of these types use Axis." Redundancy and/or Failover "Local electrician, they offer most Analog. Only bigger..."
The Siliconization of Surveillance Cameras on Oct 29, 2015
"... Axis had nothing. The 'Chinese' were still producing junk. Now, everybody has at least solid true..."
Race Track Car Video Using Axis And Milestone on Oct 28, 2015
"... Used Axis cameras and a Milestone Husky to record the whole thing from the car, worked pretty well. Even..."
ExacqVision Edge Motion Detection Vs VMD3 on Oct 27, 2015
"Does anyone have experience using motion detection in ExacqVision Edge running in an Axis camera vs Axis' VMD3 analytics? I am interested in the false detections/missed..."
Sony 20MP / 4K Camera Tested on Oct 26, 2015
"... We tested the Sony 20MP / 4K camera against the 4K Axis P1428-E, the 12MP Bosch NBN-80122-F6A, the 4K Dahua, and the 12MP..."
How To Write An RTSP URL Honeypot... on Oct 22, 2015
"...1:554/axis-media/media.amp RTSP/1.0OPTIONS rtsp:// RTSP/1.0OPTIONS..."
Pelco Head Out, Diesel Exec In on Oct 21, 2015
"...Pelco's Challenges Schneider bought Pelco right at the top of the old analog era (similar to Canon's Axis deal for IP). At that time, Schneider paid ~$1.5 billion for Pelco, who had done ~$500 million..."
Canon Declares Itself Largest Surveillance System Company In the World on Oct 21, 2015
"With both Axis and Milestone firmly entrenched as Canon subsidiaries, Canon is starting to tout its industry..."
Milestone Arcus VMS Tested on Oct 21, 2015
"... We experienced this during our tests, with an Axis camera not properly functioning in Arcus until it was factory defaulted. Unwanted cameras..."
Hikvision Massive China vs Overseas Sales Growth on Oct 19, 2015
"...6 billion USD revenue was 4 times as large as Axis for 2014, which is absolutely astounding considering how big Axis is and how both companies both..."
Dahua Starlight 1/2" Camera Tested on Oct 16, 2015
"...Starlight IPC-HF8281EN and put it to the test against Hikvision's 1/2" Darkfighter as well as top low light performers from Axis, Bosch and Samsung. Here is a preview of the low light results: Key Findings The Dahua 1/2"..."
Axis Q3 2015 Growth Rebounds on Oct 15, 2015
"After an extremely bad Q2, where true sales actually declined, Axis has bounced back in Q3. Is this the beginning of a comeback for the former video surveillance..."
Axis T8124 Poe Injector Not Enough Power Alternative. on Oct 13, 2015
"I am using axis poe midspan t8124 a 60 watt at 48 v unit however in extreme cold it doesnt produce power..."
Angelcam Cloud Video Tested on Oct 13, 2015
"... Using Axis cameras simplifies this process using 1-Click, which requires the serial number and owner..."
Axis 360 Panoramic Released on Oct 13, 2015
"Last year, Axis entered the multi-imager camera market but, unfortunately, the only way to get it was to mount..."
Winners Losers Fall 2015 on Oct 12, 2015
"... Axis Speaking of Canon's acquisitions, Axis had the deal of the decade. They certainly won big..."
Audio Analytics Released (Louroe / Sound Intelligence) on Oct 08, 2015
"...Offering Louroe is offering four types of analytics, each paired with a Louroe Verifact microphone and Axis cameras (using an on-board ACAP application), with support for other cameras or server based..."
Milestone Launches Avigilon Conversion Program on Oct 07, 2015
"... Most likely this is explained by PSA not carrying Canon (Milestone's parent) or Axis (Milestone's corporate sibling). Nonetheless, if Milestone wants to launch such aggressive,..."
Samsung Covert WDR Camera Tested on Oct 07, 2015
"... However, as we saw in our Axis MP Pinhole Shootout, these cameras are often poor in these scenarios, with subjects washed..."
Axis Video Analytics Are Weak on Oct 05, 2015
"... Now, Axis has released their own "series of robust video analytics applications" that they call Guard..."
Milestone 'Free' Takeover of OnSSI Accounts on Oct 02, 2015
"... This combined with Milestone's larger brand and their resources as a Canon subsidiary / Axis sibling company provides them a powerful base. However, switching to Milestone requires OnSSI..."
Would You Use Axis Bird Spikes? on Oct 01, 2015
"Axis has a new accessory: Bird Control Spikes The idea is that the spike discourages birds from..."
List of Access Products Supporting Wiegand Replacement OSDP on Oct 01, 2015
"...0 Series Controllers Axis A1001 CEM eDCM 350 OSDP Frontier Cylon HID Edge EVO (Tamper Function Only) Mercury Security..."
Mandatory Milestone,Canon & Axis Products For Projects? on Sep 30, 2015
"...Canon's Partnership (€8K value) the products for new projects must be "only" Milestone, Canon and Axis = Independent Companies? Open Platform?"
Axis Releases Their Own Video Analytics on Sep 28, 2015
"...promoting third party video analytic applications and improving their VMD (see IPVM test results of Axis VMD 3.0 vs Avigilon), Axis is now finally releasing their own video analytics called 'Guard..."
33 New Products Directory - Fall 2015 on Sep 28, 2015
" New products or major tech isssues that IPVM has reported on this summer / fall: Axis Releases Their Own Video Analytics Axis Non-IP Camera / DVR Kit Is Here BluB0X - The Most..."
Avigilon New Embedded Access Controller on Sep 28, 2015
"... In this note we examine this offering comparing to Axis Entry Manager. No Server Needed The major benefit of this offering is that no ACM appliance..."
Axis YouTube Livestreaming Camera App Tested on Sep 25, 2015
"... Now, Camstreamer is aiming to change that, with an Axis Camera Application claiming cloud-based connections to Youtube's free live streaming..."
AXIS Q6045-E Blackout When Below -30 on Sep 21, 2015
"I have 9 of these in field and when temperature goes below -30 or if windchill goes to -45 to -50..."
Axis Edge Storage Duration Estimate? on Sep 21, 2015
"... I am looking at putting two Axis M3004 720 P cameras into a mall kiosk situation. 1 would be looking pretty much straight at the..."
Axis Non-IP Camera / DVR Kit Is Here on Sep 17, 2015
"Back to the future? If you can't beat em, join em? Axis has a new release, the F34 Surveillance System which is unlike any 'system' Axis has..."
Axis Digital Autotracking Tested on Sep 16, 2015
"... How do you help operators handle this? Axis has a free app for that. We tested the Axis Digital Autotracking app on the 1080p Axis M1125..."
Does Axis Have a Lower TCO Than Hikvision? on Sep 15, 2015
"... The argument here is that Hik has a lower price point AND lower TCO than Axis. Do you think Axis has a lower TCO (in mainstream applications) than Hik? NOTICE: This comment..."
Milestone CEO On Why He Aborted the IPO and Chose Canon on Sep 15, 2015
"..." This is a real problem, as both Avigilon and Axis can attest to. And when things go wrong or your numbers are not met, everyone can find out and..."
50 IP Camera Deployment Education - Axis? Exacq? Hikvision? on Sep 12, 2015
"... For camera I have few questions ; Am I better with "real" brand like Axis or it can work great with "chinese" like Hikvision?I know the price difference is really huge,..."
Internet Explorer 11 Not Supporting AMC Anymore? on Sep 10, 2015
"... After upgrading I noticed IE 11 isn't supporting Axis Media Control streaming as the default viewing method. Despite having IE as the default browser,..."
Google Breaks Surveillance Browser Support on Sep 09, 2015
"...share our test results on which browser implementations still work and to what extent, covering Axis, Avigilon, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Samsung, Exacq, Genetec and Milestone.History For those..."
Avigilon Buyout Potential Analyzed on Sep 08, 2015
"... In this note we: Examine Avigilon's management barriers to a buyout Compare Canon / Axis to an Avigilon acquisition Assess the potential for a Chinese acquirer Management Barriers..."
I Lost My Axis Silver Partner Status Today on Sep 07, 2015
"Disclaimer - To the die hard Axis guys (I used to be too), this is just my opinion. Their products are solid, but their..."
5 Low Cost IR Illuminators Tested on Sep 03, 2015
"...models in featureset? Camera Performance: How did these illuminators work with different Arecont, Axis, Hikvision and Sony cameras? Key Findings This chart summarizes our key findings from this..."
I Hope The Surveillance Industry Recognizes Their Current Business Model... on Sep 02, 2015
"... I purchased a number of Axis cameras for my own home a year ago assuming they were as stable as any company out there -..."
Do Manufacturers Care If Their Resellers Are Double Dealing With The... on Sep 01, 2015
"Will/can they drop you for becoming a partner with the competition? After considering Dwayne's Axis - Hikvision dilemma of "Should I Pay or Should I go Now?", I was wondering if a top-tier company..."
Hikvision Darkfighter Camera Tested on Aug 31, 2015
"Can Hikvision beat Axis and Samsung in pure low light? The Chinese mega-manufacturer has made a name for itself as a..."
Are There, Or Will There Be Tests Of Axis P3224 And P3225? on Aug 28, 2015
"I am especially interested in a comparison between p3224-LV and p3354. Low light, wdr and..."
Is It Time For Me To Start Selling Hikvision? on Aug 28, 2015
"... I'm recommending Axis M and P series cameras with Axis Camera Companion and Netgear Poe switches, their recommending..."
IC Realtime Claims To Sell 50% More Cameras Than Axis... on Aug 28, 2015
"The catch? In units, including analog. Still is it likely to be true? They don't say that..."
Axis Wireless Cameras? on Aug 27, 2015
"Intrested in peoples experience with Axis Wireless Cameras. I have a franchise who have kiosks in malls around the country. I have quoted..."
Which Bullet Should I Use? Axis, Vivotek, Or Geovision? on Aug 27, 2015
"... Geovision GV-BL3400 Vivotek IB8373-EH Axis P1425-LE Appreciate the help. "
Axis WDR Zipstream Low-Cost M1125 Tested on Aug 26, 2015
"Axis has been busy promoting speciality devices like IP horns and video intercoms. However, they..."
Here's What Avigilon Should Do Now on Aug 24, 2015
"... Axis' North American GM Fredrik Nilsson is the antithesis of Schmode - politically savvy, diplomatic..."
Want Advice On Cleaning Lens On Dome Camera Mounted 36' High? on Aug 22, 2015
"Have an Axis 3007-pv mounted 36’ high above the tipping floor of a waste reduction facility. It’s..."
$28 Million Funding for Doorbell Cam Startup on Aug 21, 2015
"...video offerings as well as video intercoms from video manufacturers like Mobotix and, more recently, Axis. However, none of them have been built or optimized for residential / home users. The main..."
SMB Market Video Surveillance Guide on Aug 20, 2015
"... A lot of these types use Axis." However, other common competition include electrican firms, IT companies, and intrusion..."
Any Word On The Axis Q3709-PVE Multi-Imager? on Aug 19, 2015
"I am curious about this model and would like to see real application. It was stated the expected..."
Question On Axis 233D on Aug 17, 2015
"We have a client with multiple 233D PTZ cameras. 2 of them were down for their parking lot and..."
Panasonic 4K / 12MP Camera Tested on Aug 17, 2015
"We bought the new Panasonic 4K / 12MP WV-SFV781L dome camera and tested it against the:  Axis P1428E Bosch NBN-80122 Dahua IPC-HFW4800E In this in-depth report, we..."
Axis Releases A Video Game on Aug 15, 2015
"... Here are highlights of the game: You can play the Axis video game here. It appears impossible to break an Axis camera, even with a 'major league bat',..."
Encrypting Video By Tunneling Rtsp/Rtp Inside Https on Aug 15, 2015
"... This simple test shows its possible to encrypt the transmission between an Axis M3006, running in HTTPS only mode, and Milestone Xprotect (Corporate), with HTTPS..."
Alternate Ways To Access Video Streams on Aug 13, 2015
"...streams other than via the cameras GUI or using the VMS? Below are the methods given in the standard Axis User Manual, but where do these paths get entered into? What about any other methods to view..."
Genetec Cloud Tested on Aug 12, 2015
"Not since Axis public and prolonged agony with AVHS, has a major manufacturer bet as heavily as Genetec is..."
Has Anyone Tried a 128GB Or Larger SDXC Card In An Axis Camera? on Aug 08, 2015
"...extensively on Google and IPVM and cannot find anyone who has attempted to use a 128GB SDXC card in an Axis camera. Success or failure I'd like to know if it's possible. The official Axis response is..."
Lowest Priced Auto Focus Cameras on Aug 06, 2015
"...back focus cameras using the IPVM Camera Finder to analyze and rank auto-focus cameras from Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, FLIR, Hikvision, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sony, Vivotek and more. Auto Focus/Auto..."
Mobotix P25 Camera Tested on Aug 04, 2015
"...illustrate physical size of the camera, the image below shows a side by side comparison of the Mobotix P25, Axis M3005 and Axis P3354. Web Interface Below is a screencast overviewing the Mobotix P25's web..."
Favorite Large System Cameras on Aug 03, 2015
"... Indeed, many integrators cited 3 favorites, such as: "Axis, Sony, Panasonic...name brands.....lower end systems will use lower end cameras that are less..."
$100 True WDR Camera Tested (FLIR CVI) on Jul 31, 2015
"... We bought the FLIR C233BD to see how it performs against other CVI models and the Axis Q1615, a leading WDR IP model. This continues our series of HD analog tests,..."
"Future-Proofing" Access Control Guide on Jul 30, 2015
"...Options for interoperable devices are limited to the three major providers and controllers we list in our Axis vs HID vs Mercury Access Controllers note. An enduser with hardware from one of these providers..."
The Company Behind AHD - Nextchip on Jul 29, 2015
"... And surely, even Axis, will not ship anywhere close to 10 million cameras in 2015. We do believe that there are 10+..."
Hospital Video Surveillance Guide on Jul 28, 2015
"..." "I have specified Bosch, Pelco, and Axis. No particular reason to use them. Many hospitals still use DVRS and started migrating to..."
Axis Camera Companion VMS Tested on Jul 27, 2015
"Axis is focusing more on their own 'end to end solutions'. Camera Companion is Axis' 'VMS killer',..."
Should I Use The Axis Q1604 + Edge Storage For Traffic Application? on Jul 22, 2015
"Looking for any advice on 2 Axis issues Looking for a traffic camera to catch cars going up & down a rural road with no..."
Smart CODEC Guide on Jul 21, 2015
"... Performance Tested IPVM has tested a number of implementations including: Axis Zipstream Tested Vivotek Smart Stream Tested Panasonic VIQS (no report) Arecont Bandwidth..."
Do Axis Cameras Default To No Password Required? on Jul 18, 2015
"It's well known that Axis cameras have no default password; you are prompted, from the web client, to create a..."
You Cannot Trust the ONVIF Chairman on Jul 17, 2015
"... The Axis Salesman The ONVIF chairman, Per Björkdahl, is a long time Axis salesmen who Axis made..."
Police Station Video Surveillance Guide on Jul 15, 2015
"...of jail cells to mitigate the risk of inmate injury, but anti-ligature units (ie: these examples from Axis, Bosch, and Vivotek) are not common elsewhere in the facility: "Anti-ligature models are..."
Is Anyone Still Using Axis 2100 In Production? on Jul 12, 2015
"The Axis 2100 is an ancient / historic IP camera. However, we were surprised when someone asked us for..."
Axis Financials From Bad To Worse (Q2 2015) on Jul 09, 2015
"Things keep getting worse for Axis and now sales are actually shrinking. In this note, we break down: How revenue and profits..."
Avigilon HD Micro Dome Test on Jul 08, 2015
"...0-H3M-DC1), shown below: And put it to the test against the Axis M3004, the Dahua IPC-HD2100N and the Hikvision DS-2CD7164-E. We tested in full light, low..."
Axis vs HID vs Mercury Access Controllers on Jul 07, 2015
"... Historically, the most well known two have been Mercury and HID, with Axis joining the field in 2013. In this note, we contrast the three providers, examining: The..."