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Alternates To Old Cameras? on Oct 22, 2014
"... They want to re-deploy an old Axis 216 camera. I've had to write the "dude, please stop using that antique" memo already...."
Axis Launches Tech Support On YouTube on Oct 21, 2014
"Axis has kicked off a public tech support channel on YouTube, already posting 100 videos. While..."
Axis Admits Access Control Expectations Low on Oct 17, 2014
"Axis entrance into access control had been anticipated for years. Last year, Axis access control..."
Axis In Denial, Q3 Financial Report Bad on Oct 16, 2014
"Axis Q3 2014 numbers are bad. But their outlook is still rosy. The company has struggled to..."
IP Camera Passwords - Axis, Dahua, Samsung on Oct 15, 2014
"... In this note, we look at password procedures for Axis, Dahua and Samsung, explaining why and which are strong, moderate or weak. Strong:..."
Axis Praises Mandatory Surveillance! on Oct 04, 2014
"...The World's Most Demanding Surveillance Requirements? Well, they are expanding to new countries and Axis is excited. Axis Middle East and Africa Marketing Manager said [sarcasm / fake]: "We are..."
Axis VMD 2.1 With Milestone VMS? on Oct 02, 2014
"Anyone know how to setup Milestone so that it records based on motion using the Axis Video Motion Detection App (2.1)? Could have sworn I watched a Youtube of this once but now I..."
Axis Launches NVRs on Sep 29, 2014
"... Axis has joined the fray with their S10 series of NVRs. In this note, we review features, pricing..."
Axis Launches Multi-Imager Panoramic on Sep 29, 2014
"Axis has launched its first multi-imager panoramic, entering in to a promising market with limited..."
Axis Releases Card Reader on Sep 25, 2014
"Last year, Axis put the security market on notice by releasing the A1001 access controller (see IPVM test..."
Wireless Microphone Options on Sep 17, 2014
"... We have tested an Axis P3367-V with a Axis T8353A Mic and have found that it works well but ambient noise (low level..."
New Audio Surveillance Device Eliminates 3 Cables (Louroe) on Sep 16, 2014
"... The Axis P8221 Network I/O audio module (~$350 online) provides audio interface over PoE with inputs for..."
3D Camera Design Training Class on Sep 16, 2014
"... Links These links are referenced during the presentation: SketchUp Download Axis Camera Extension 3D Warehouse [Note: As viewers of the video will see, this was originally..."
How Long Does It Take For A Rolling Shutter To Completely 'Roll'? on Sep 12, 2014
"...grew out of a discussion of the benefits of global vs rolling shutter in our License Plate Recognition Axis App Tested. A rolling shutter does not expose the entire frame at once. It 'rolls' across..."
Alternatives To Axis? - Reliable But Low Cost on Sep 11, 2014
"Are there any reliable alternatives to Axis available? Reliability is of utmost importance but my client is also cost sensitive. How is..."
VideoIQ/Avigilon Vs Viasys/Axis Solution on Sep 10, 2014
"...with video analytics using either VideoIQ using Avigilon 1Mp Lightcatcher cameras or the VIASYS with Axis 1mp lightfinder cameras on a Exacq system.. The lot is 450' X 450' and I would like to install 4..."
Are There Any 4K Security Cameras Actually Shipping Yet*? on Sep 06, 2014
"Before ISC West this year John predicted "At least 10 companies will announce [4K 30fps] cameras..."
Arecont MegaBall2 Panomorph Vs The Axis M3007 on Sep 04, 2014
"Any preferences between the Arecont MegaBall2 with panomorph and the Axis M3007?"
Axis Recommends Thermal Cameras To Detect Ebola on Aug 21, 2014
"Here's the claim (from Roy Alves, Regional Business Development Manager for Axis Communications): "Since thermal cameras look at people’s heat signatures, they are able..."
ONVIF Tutorial 2014 on Aug 18, 2014
"... ONVIF as a 'Standard' ONVIF is a trade organization founded by Axis, Bosch and Sony in 2008 with 400+ members that has developed API specifications for integrating..."
Anixter Security Revenue Declines on Jul 30, 2014
"... Axis growth continues to decelerate in North America as well (see Axis Q2 2014 results). However,..."
IndigoVision Rates Avigilon Worst In Class on Jul 29, 2014
"... IndigoVision ran their own shootout vs Avigilon, Axis and Bosch. [SPOILER ALERT] IndigoVision won! Obviously, a manufacturer run shootout is..."
How Important Is A 3-Axis Gimbal In Dome Cameras? on Jul 27, 2014
"...reason for the question is that some of the lower end or compact domes in the market do not offer a 3-axis gimbal. So under which circumstances would you accept a 2-axis gimbal dome? Lower price point?..."
What Is Axis 'Buy & Try'? on Jul 23, 2014
"See: buy & try"
Wide D1 / 960H - Will Axis Encoders Work? on Jul 21, 2014
"... For this particular site we would normally encode the streams using Axis encoders. Has anyone had experience encoding these? If so, I have a few questions: 1. Will..."
What If Axis Acquired Genetec? on Jul 16, 2014
"... The two best known and largest of these independents left are, on the camera side, Axis, and the VMS side, Genetec. What if these two combined? In this note, we break down the fit,..."
Does Anyone Have Any Practical Experience With Axis Access Control? on Jul 14, 2014
"In searching for a product for an application, I keep bumping into AXIS Access Control, model A1001 series, primarily for its ease of use, drag and drop features etc...."
Axis Promise: 4K In Q2 Or Q3 Or ? on Jul 11, 2014
"... But consider these two from AXIS, issued on the same day about the same camera with dates 90 days apart: First: The new AXIS..."
Battery Power An Axis Camera on Jul 11, 2014
"One of my customers needs to deploy some covert cameras (Axis P1224) in his large warehouse sized refrigerator. The temps in one cooler can be -12F and the..."
Axis Q2 2014 Growth Up But on Jul 09, 2014
"Axis' seesaw growth continues. After Axis missed and profits sank in Q1 2014, the second quarter's..."
New Hosted Access Provider: Feenics on Jul 08, 2014
"...Mercury Security: EP1501 & EP1502 Additionally, Feenics says they are developing support for Axis A1001 controllers. By contrast, Brivo which works with HID Edge, does not work with Mercury..."
Axis Giving Away $2,500 In VMS Licenses For Attending 2 Day Training on Jun 26, 2014
"In a move that is unsettling some VMS manufacturers, Axis is giving ~$2,500 in their own ACS VMS licenses for attending a 2 day class. Axis Camera..."
What Is A "Low Cost" Camera? on Jun 19, 2014
"... A 1-channel Grandstream encoder is 150-ish, a 1-channel Axis encoder is $450-ish, as an example. The low end (Axis/Acti/etc) is under $200, generally. I..."
Testing Smoked vs Clear Domes on Jun 19, 2014
"...Low Light In low light scenes of ~2 lux, inferior low light cameras such as the Axis M3004 and M3005 are weakened with the use of a smoked dome. It is difficult to distinguish..."
Axis Admits Edge Recording Problems, Offers Solution on Jun 19, 2014
"This year, IPVM members have repeatedly identified edge recording problems with Axis cameras / software, first in a discussion, "Axis Edge Storage And Camera Companion Is Unstable",..."
Axis Advances Its Best Overall Camera on Jun 17, 2014
"While Chinese competitors rush to sell HD cameras at 1/5th to 1/10th the price of Axis, Axis continues to push up market. Axis has announced the Q1615, its most feature rich camera..."
Why Integrators Hate Cube Cameras on Jun 16, 2014
"... As one noted, "I saw some Axis cubes in an office installed and laughed because that's the only reason one could use Axis..."
World Cup Odds N Ends And Fat Contracts on Jun 13, 2014
"...Brazil 2014: the biggest security operation with twelve integrated monitoring and control centers Axis cameras ensure the safety of fans at the World Cup in Brazil Johnson Controls safeguards..."
Avigilon Or Axis Integrated IR Cameras - Have You Had Problems With Bugs? on Jun 12, 2014
"... So I am curious, for those of you using higher end integrated IR cameras (like the newer ones from Axis or Avigilon), have you seen problems? I'd appreciate both yes and no responses so we can get a..."
Integrated IR Camera Use Surging on Jun 10, 2014
"... Our latest deployment included an AXIS P3364-LVE. This camera is very effective with its IR capabilities." "I prefer the Bosch..."
Axis Settings For Min Bandwith Usage on Jun 09, 2014
"Hi Folks, 1 of our live streaming cams is using 3x's the cellular bandwith that it was..."
On-Board Storage Usage Statistics on Jun 05, 2014
"..." "We have had issues with Axis in the past and the added cost per camera and service issues have all but killed this for..."
Axis Cameras Consume 7X Less Power Than Analog? on Jun 04, 2014
"Check this out - Axis new 'green security installations' / sustainability effort: Does this make any sense to you?"
Dahua Integrated IR PTZ Tested on Jun 04, 2014
"... In this report, we share our test findings of this integrated IR PTZ vs an Axis Q series PTZ. The image below shows, left to right, the IR PTZ itself, the IR LED pattern and..."
Are UHS Speeds Needed For SD Cards Used In Surveillance? on Jun 03, 2014
"... By comparison, "Axis recommends using SD cards of acknowledged good quality with speed class 4 or higher." That's far..."
Minidome vs Full Size Dome Stats on Jun 03, 2014
"..." "That appears to be changing as the Axis M30 line increases. Once again, our go-to is Axis and their camera line has been full sized for..."
Falling Down: The 2014 Mid-Year Guide on Jun 02, 2014
"...performance of major surveillance participants, including: Anixter Security Business Struggling Axis Misses, Profits Sink The $12 Billion Video Surveillance Manufacturer And then we..."
Axis Camera Station - Set Profile For All Channels? on May 29, 2014
"In Axis Camera Station. Is there a way to set a recording profile (res, fps h.264) to all the cameras at..."
Want To Product Manage Axis VMS Offering? on May 28, 2014
"Looking for a new job? Axis has an opening to be the product manager for their VMS offerings. Big company, interesting area..."
Milestone Access Control 2014 Released on May 28, 2014
"... With this update, the supported access platforms have expanded beyond only Axis Entry Manager and the A1001 Controller (links to our review). The added platforms..."
Manufacturers, 12 Tips for Getting Covered on May 28, 2014
"... Not sure how? Just mimic this press release from Axis. It's a PoE+ over coax blade that 99% of editors cannot even comprehend but they know it's new..."
Sharing An Experience... Budget Not Available on May 27, 2014
"... Hardware from Axis or similar to run on their fiber line back to central monitoring station where an open platform..."
5MP Super Low Light Tested (Bosch) on May 27, 2014
"...performance gap, we put it up against a 5 MP competitor from Arecont Vision, and 1080p and 720p models from Axis, Bosch, and Samsung in four different scenes, ranging from a narrow 20' field of view..."
Industry News Roundup May 2014 on May 23, 2014
"... Here are 18 of the most noteworthy news items, including from Milestone, Mobotix, Axis, Avigilon, Dropcam, Tyco and more: VMS Items Milestone encoder licensing change / price..."
Axis Auto Reboot on May 22, 2014
"For our construction progress documentation we use Mobotix and Axis. They are setup to take a photo every 15 minutes and ftp to our server. There have been a few..."
Alternative To Axis Edge (ACC) ? on May 17, 2014
"I am looking for an alternative Edge (SD Storage) camera similar to the Axis Q1765LE . I require an outdoor model with a similar sized lens with remote zoom and focus and..."
Free Top IPVM Resources on May 16, 2014
"...stands against even the most powerful companies in the industry, as showcased in our critique of The Axis Corruption Cruise:   And IPVM examines contentious business issues such as our review..."
Axis M3007 And OnSSI on May 14, 2014
"Has anyone been able to get the Axis M3007 to dewarp in Ocularis Client via the fisheye view? I have tried every setting I can think..."
Hikvision IR Panoramic Camera Tested on May 14, 2014
"...(DS-2CD6332FWD-I) and 6MP DS-2CD6362F-I) versions, and tested them against leading panoramic cameras from Axis, Brickcom, Samsung, and Vivotek to see how they compared in low light, WDR and even light..."
Dome Camera Install Guide on May 09, 2014
"... We cover: Choosing between 2 and 3 axis gimbals Understanding the limitations of 2 axis gimbals and when to prefer 3 axis ones Wall..."
OnSSI 4.0 And AXIS Entry Manager on May 07, 2014
"...0 yesterday and one of the big talking points was the integration with Axis Entry Manager. There is nothing in any of their documentation for this and I can't find anything..."
Anixter Security Business Struggling on May 05, 2014
"Just a week after their key partner Axis turned in disappointing results, mega distributor Anixter's financials reveal significant..."
Audio Surveillance Guide on Apr 30, 2014
"... Some devices such as the Axis P8221 audio and I/O module support mic level devices, but this is rare. Line level signals are..."
Axis Misses, Profits Sink on Apr 28, 2014
"Axis failed to meet their own expectations, surprised by a poor end of Q1 2014, causing profits to..."
IP Camera Buyer's Guide 2014 on Apr 28, 2014
"...conclude with profiles of 12 manufacturers, looking at the good and bad behind ACTi, Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sony, and Vivotek.Performance / Price..."
Testing Samsung WiseNet III Panoramic Camera on Apr 25, 2014
"... IPVM bought an SNF-7010 and tested it head to head against Axis, Brickcom and Vivotek panoramic cameras (from our previous panoramic test series - see 1, 2,..."
Axis ARTPEC-5 Dual Core Processor on Apr 24, 2014
"Axis has recently announced a new (dual core) chip, the ARTPEC-5. Axis claims that "the new chip can..."
Genetec and Milestone Access Tested on Apr 23, 2014
"... In 2013, Milestone jumped into access control at the same time as Axis. Indeed, Milestone's first access control partner is Axis. In this report, we tested both..."
Advanced Marketing That Avigilon and Dropcam Does But Axis Misses on Apr 22, 2014
"This is the technique that two of the fastest growing companies in surveillance use but most..."
7 Key Surveillance Trends for 2014 on Apr 21, 2014
"...265 availability limited Axis access control starts slow Edge recording stumbling Weak innovation will drag down..."
Testing Vivotek Smart Stream on Apr 18, 2014
"...0W-H3-B01: ~$650 USD estimated street price Axis Q1765-LE:  ~$1,400 Online ACTi B45:  ~$670 Online Samsung SNO-6084R: ~$600..."
AXIS T8351 Mic on Apr 16, 2014
"...Does anyone have any experince with this mic? How well it handles audio? We are trying to decide the Axis T8351 over a Crown PZM-11LLWR with phantom power."
ONVIF Mega Test on Apr 16, 2014
"... The camera manufacturers included: ACTi, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, DRS, Geovision, Hikvision, Honeywell, Pelco, Samsung, Sony, Wodsee (the super..."
The $12 Billion Video Surveillance Manufacturer on Apr 15, 2014
"... Axis? Getting warmer but still way off. Axis valuation is close to double that of Avigilon's, at $2..."
Super Low Lux Minidome Tested on Apr 10, 2014
"...3MP, 1/3" imager camera and put it to the test against leading minidomes from Axis, Bosch, Dahua and Hikvision to see if Geovision was telling the truth and whether it could match..."
Different Dome To Fix Seam On Axis Q6034E? on Apr 08, 2014
"anybody know the part number for the newer version of the clear dome that fixes the huge seam on..."
Dropcam Adds Timelapse Recording on Apr 08, 2014
"There was a lot of interest and discussion about a recent Axis timelapse app and rival offerings. Now, here's a new feature from Dropcam that is pretty..."
ONVIF Affirms No Policing, Abuse Away! on Apr 08, 2014
"... Conspiracy Theorists Conspiracy theorists like to claim that Axis is sabotaging ONVIF on purpose. And when the ONVIF chairman / Axis employee makes such an..."
Worst and Best - ISC West 2014 on Apr 07, 2014
"...'Global Expo' section: Inside, we have 20 manufacturer booth videos: ACTi Arecont Avigilon Axis Bosch Dahua FLIR Genetec Hikvision Milestone Mobotix OnSSI ONVIF Panasonic Pelco Sam..."
What New Cameras Should We Test? Spring 2014 on Apr 04, 2014
"..., is thermal now really cost competitive against conventional cameras Axis 4K camera: because it is Axis and to see how bad it really is in low light Hikvision Integrated..."
Product / Tech Roundup ISC West 2014 on Apr 04, 2014
"...Bosch was prominently displaying the bitrate of this camera on the floor, somewhat ironically aimed at Axis's 4K display, which averaged about 8 Mb/s in their demo (though of course we do not know what..."
Axis Goes 4K Ultra HD on Apr 01, 2014
"Reflecting an emerging trend, Axis is announcing their first Ultra HD / 4K camera, offering 4x the pixel count of 'Full' HD / 1080p..."
Avigilon Dumps CCD & JPEG2000 For H4 Line on Mar 31, 2014
"... [Update 3/31/14: Avigilon and Axis' entries to 8MP / 4K are fairly contradictory. Axis has taken a low cost, high frame rate, poor..."
52 New Products Directory ISC West 2014 on Mar 30, 2014
"...Tuesday: ACTi HD Decoder Aimetis Thin Client / HD Decoder Ambarella S2L 'Intelligent' IP Camera Chip Axis 4K UltraHD Camera Super Simple New Mass-Notification Brickcom Wireless Video Surveillance..."
Onvif / Dahua IP Configuration Tool on Mar 27, 2014
"... I`m looking for something like AXIS Camera Management or AXIS IP Utility to use with Dahua IP cameras.Dahua got a tool called..."
Axis 10 New Domes Reviewed on Mar 27, 2014
"Axis has announced 10 domes, including a new Q35 and P32 series. In this note, we contrast them to..."
Is Axis Huge Assortment Of Cameras Good Or Bad? on Mar 26, 2014
"Today, Axis announced 10 new cameras. In December, they released 9 new PTZs. In between, there was a couple..."
Ranking 95 Surveillance Manufacturers Interest on Mar 24, 2014
"... Here is an overview of the results, with the Y axis showing interest level and the X axis, the 95 companies:  Notable findings..."
Axis IT Study - 5 Points Misleading on Mar 20, 2014
"Axis paid for a study to show that IT is now dominating video surveillance decisions and that's what..."
2014 Surveillance Test Results Guide Released on Mar 19, 2014
"... Axis Samsung Wisenet III Cameras Sony's 6th Gen IP Cameras Avigilon H3 Bullet Integrated..."
New Feature: Autotagging - Better Organizing IPVM'S 5000+ Items For You on Mar 18, 2014
"...categories, like 262 items on access control, or 249 on Avigilon, or 156 on ONVIF, or (gulp) 663 on Axis. You can pick from these listings on the right hand side of each page. It looks like so: We..."
Problem With Retrieving Axis Edge Recording On XProtect Corporate on Mar 17, 2014
"...have a Milestone XProtect Corporate 2013 installation (testing site) connected to a single 4-channel Axis encoder via an LTE modem (ya, I know...way to make things difficult from the beginning). I am..."
Testing Pelco SureVision 2.0 on Mar 17, 2014
"...0 models, the IME119 and IME 319, against other top performing low light and WDR cameras, from Axis, Bosch, Samsung, and Sony. Here is a preview of the side by side WDR..."
Why Recording CCTV is Illegal in These Courthouses on Mar 13, 2014
"...The camera, an Axis M3006 (installed in a corner overlooking the room), is not recording. The court staff interprets..."
Does Axis Sell A Plate To Attach M3025 And M5014 To A 4" Octagon Box? on Mar 11, 2014
"... I ask here frist because calling AXIS Tech support makes me wanna find a new job.. Thanks!"
Axis Video / Access Integration Reviewed on Mar 11, 2014
"While Axis added its own access control software and hardware, at first, it had no integration with its..."
Announcing News Monitoring Service on Mar 11, 2014
"... Choose from 110+ companies including big names (like Axis, Sony, Panasonic, Genetec, Milestone, etc.), niche companies and organizations (e.g., ASIS,..."
Two Way Audio With Axis Camera Companion? on Mar 05, 2014
"Hi Members Here one to throw out to the masses to see if this has been achieved. I need to be..."
IP Camera Bandwidth / Storage Shootout on Mar 05, 2014
"... In the 1MP category, we set these 6 cameras to 720p / 10fps: Axis M1114 Axis P3354 Axis Q1604 Bosch NBN-733V Samsung SNB-5004 Sony SNC-VB600 In the 2MP..."
Avigilon Financials and 2014 Future Plans on Mar 05, 2014
"...plans including timetable for VideoIQ integration, areas of expansion and why Avigilon's CEO believe Axis sells 'just widgets'. In this note, we dig into the details. 2013 Financials..."