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Arecont Vision Overview

Arecont Vision is a megapixel camera specialist, with an extremely poor reputation, having topped integrator surveys for Worst IP Camera 2011, Worst IP Camera 2014 and Worst Manufacturer Support. Their most standout product offering is their multi-imager SurroundVideo series, including the Omni. In 2014, Arecont raised $80 million in debt to cash out their executives and shareholders.

Arecont Vision Company Coverage

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Arecont Pulls End User Marketing Claims on Jul 28, 2015
"... Arecont struggles to understand this. In their trainwreck SIA 'article', not only did they confuse..."
Arecont Accurately Predicts Its Own Fall on Jul 24, 2015
"... Three years ago, Arecont introduced the idiotic Pixels Per Dollar metric. On the one hand, it is clearly reductionistic,..."
Can You Take Out A Vandal Dome With One Swing? on Jul 14, 2015
"...'s Arecont field replacement procedures. Ironically, such a procedure might have beneficial effect on the..."
Pelco Criticizes Arecont's Multi-Imager on Jul 10, 2015
"Pelco is rolling out their new multi-imager line and they are taking aim at Arecont. In their new promotion, here is the comparison they offer: Two criticisms of Pelco..."
Ex-Arecont Leaders Launch Super Resolution Startup on Jun 05, 2015
"... Co-Founders The CEO of the startup is Michael Korkin, who previously was Arecont's long-term VP of Engineering (who quit in 2014). The CSO is Nathan Wheeler, the Founder and..."
Cameras Will Not Stay Flipped: Another Very Arecont Problem on May 29, 2015
"...stuck IR cut filters, did you? Last week, an old colleague asked if we could recommend any contact at Arecont who could help them with a camera issue. They had multiple cameras in place, all older models,..."
Anything But Arecont, Avigilon, Axis: A New Feature on May 15, 2015
"...it in action: Here are some example searches: 2MP+ varifocal IR dome with autofocus, excluding Arecont, Avigilon and Axis. 720p+ D/N bullets or boxes, excluding Dahua and Hikvision. ONVIF S..."
A Very Arecont Problem - Cut Filters Stuck on May 14, 2015
"Just this morning I told someone that Arecont quality had improved and they don't seem to have all the issues they used to, but two hours..."
Viakoo And Arecont - A Perfect Match? on Apr 27, 2015
"...and proactive management of IP video network infrastructure, is piloting a new program together with Arecont Vision®, the industry’s megapixel leader, to help improve network video surveillance..."
Worst ISC West Showing 2015 on Apr 20, 2015
"Here are the top 4 candidates: Arecont IDIS Milestone ONVIF Let's break down the cases for and against each organization's ISC..."
Digital Watchdogs 48MP Panoramic: The New MegaPixel King? on Apr 11, 2015
"... 48 MP (4x12) would make it the one of the highest resolution panoramics out there, eclipsing the Arecont (as well as the stillborn ACTi) 40 MP model. And reportedly available in May. And while the..."
Alternatives To Arecont For Outdoor 180 StreetView? on Apr 03, 2015
"We've used the AV8185DN for several years in this outdoor application. At that time it was about..."
Fired: All But One Exacq Rep Firm Now Out on Mar 23, 2015
"..." To the contrary, most of the Exacq rep firms also represent Arecont, presenting a barrier to Tyco's goal to sell the whole solution including Illustra cameras...."
Arecont Vision Declares: "We Don't Have A Partner Program" on Mar 17, 2015
"... Arecont Vision declares that they have no partner program. They believe they have a better approach but..."
Would You Choose Exacq With Arecont, Genetec With Axis Or Video Insight... on Mar 04, 2015
"Any help would be appreciated, I have received quotes for 3 different systems. It's not a matter..."
Milestone Vs Arecont: Which Press Release Is Weirder? on Feb 05, 2015
"Compare: Milestone Systems Makes Newborn Rhino An Online Star Arecont Caught on Camera: Woman Forced Into Car Trunk At Gunpoint Milestone's excited a rhino got..."
Airship Hybrid DVR Integration on Jan 15, 2015
"... Our EV system has 4x 4ch analog encoders and 5x IP cameras (2x Arecont 20MP 360, 1x Arecont 20MP 180, 2x fixed IP). We are also about to add another 20MP 360.I am..."
Testing Scallop Panoramic Cameras on Dec 19, 2014
"For years, Arecont Vision's SurroundVideo line has been practically the only multi-imager option, but with their..."
Axis Large Imager HD Camera (Q1635) on Dec 16, 2014
"...features, the low light specifications and how it compares to other large imager cameras from Sony and Arecont. Q1635 Overview The Q1635 has a 1/2" imager compared to the 1/2.8" imager in the Q1615. The..."
Arecont Panamorph Dewarping With Exacq on Dec 14, 2014
"Hello all So the design was to use two Arecont AV5424DN-01 with Exacq. I am familiar with FE8174 from vivotek and how exacq dewarp that camera...."
Multi-Imager Tracking Added To IP Camera Finder on Dec 11, 2014
"... There are 24 total multi-imager cameras we are tracking from Arecont, Avigilon, Mobotix and Scallop. For example, a 2 imager camera would be the Mobotix D15..."
Major Moves - Security Manufacturers 2014 / 2015 on Dec 08, 2014
"... Arecont Arecont raised $80 million to cash out their executives and shareholders, good for them, bad..."
Milestone Terminates All US Manufacturer Reps on Dec 03, 2014
"... For example, if a rep firm has Arecont and Exacq or Sony and OnSSI, they would be more likely to steer customers to use, respectively,..."
Arecont Monster Raise - $80 Million on Dec 01, 2014
"In the biggest private surveillance industry fundraising event we have ever seen, Arecont Vision has raised $80 million. However, they have taken an extremely unconventional approach..."
Arecont UK: 30 Analog Replaced With 17 MP Cameras on Nov 25, 2014
"Recall this marketing gem: Now, Arecont's UK country manager has a much more modest recommendation: "For example, a large..."
Camera DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) Guide on Nov 20, 2014
"... Arecont Vision AV3116DNv1 Avigilon 1.0-H3-B1 Axis Q1615 Bosch NBN-733V Bosch NBN-932V Dahua..."
Short Box Camera Housing For Arecont 10MP Camera on Nov 19, 2014
"Anyone have recommendations for a short box camera housing for the Arecont AV10115 series cameras? Hoping for something no more than 10 inches in length or less. A..."
Testing Bandwidth vs Low Light on Nov 07, 2014
"... But how big? 100% more than day, 500% more, 1000% more? We tested 8 manufacturer's cameras - Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Samsung and Sony - to find out how each did, what was average,..."
Axis 4K Tested (P1428E) on Oct 29, 2014
"... We tested it against an Arecont 10 MP, Bosch 5MP, and Axis' own high end 1080p model to see how it performs in multiple scenes..."
Avigilon Canada Sales Director Goes To Arecont on Oct 27, 2014
"Avigilon's Regional Sales Director for the past 2 and a 1/2 years has gone to Arecont to run Canada sales for them. Avigilon's home Canadian territory does ~$17 million in revenue..."
Top Manufacturers Gaining and Losing Ground on Oct 27, 2014
"... In alphabetical order, here are the companies most frequently cited: Analog Arecont Avigilon Axis Dahua Hikvision Panasonic Pelco Samsung Big Winner - Hikvision Hikvision..."
Testing Arecont Omni on Oct 20, 2014
"The Arecont SurroundVideo Omni is one of the most novel new camera offerings in the past few years. Like..."
Scallop Multi-Imager Camera Improvements on Sep 23, 2014
"... Despite this, given the rapid growth of panoramic fisheye cameras and the expansion of rival's Arecont lines to 12MP, 20MP and 40MP, Scallop is certainly not inexpensive. New Horizontal Form..."
Arecont MegaBall2 Panomorph Vs The Axis M3007 on Sep 04, 2014
"Any preferences between the Arecont MegaBall2 with panomorph and the Axis M3007?"
Solution To Focus Problem For Arecont Dome on Aug 28, 2014
"... I had a unique situation where I was installing (3) AV2456DN-S Arecont cameras and putting an 8mm lens on them. The picture was perfect UNTIL I put the cover on the..."
IP Camera Firmware Upgrade Directory on Aug 28, 2014
"...all Average upgrade time: ~10 minutes Batch upgrade: Yes, using ACTi IP Utility Arecont Arecont cameras may be upgraded either via the camera's web interface or their AV Loader..."
Worst Manufacturer Support 2014 on Jul 30, 2014
"...Long time / effort to speak with someone knowledgeable Inside, we look at how integrators selected.Arecont - Worst Given that Arecont 'won' worst IP camera in 2011 and 2014, this showing is not a..."
Failed Marketer Goes To Arecont on Jul 25, 2014
"This is a match made in mis-marketing heaven."
Importing Cameras From China To The US - What Fees / Tariffs? on Jul 09, 2014
"... Yes, I know both Axis and Arecont sell Evetar lenses but for the one we are particularly interested in (M125VM3312IRR7, which..."
Panoramic Camera Use Rising on Jun 18, 2014
"...at just 12 feet away from the camera with panoramics: See more in our Panoramic Camera Shootout Arecont Problems Arecont is, by far, the largest provider of multi-imager panoramics. Their main upside..."
Arecont Cameras Skipping / Freezing, Connected To IndigoVision on Jun 05, 2014
"We have existing 24 nos of Arecont cameras (Model#AV8365) and 16 nos of Arecont cameras (Model#AV1315) Now connected with..."
Falling Down: The 2014 Mid-Year Guide on Jun 02, 2014
"...Americas EVP Out Samsung Hires Former Axis Directors Sony Security GM Is Out Pelco Major Rep Shakeup Arecont Engineering Exec Exits / Replacement Appointed Finally, we conclude with in-depth analysis of..."
5MP Super Low Light Tested (Bosch) on May 27, 2014
"...find out how much this model narrows the performance gap, we put it up against a 5 MP competitor from Arecont Vision, and 1080p and 720p models from Axis, Bosch, and Samsung in four different scenes,..."
New Multi-Imager Panoramic Competitor to Arecont on May 19, 2014
"Arecont has held a near monopoly on multi-imager panoramics, an important niche within surveillance for..."
How Many Milestone Licenses Required For An Arecont Surround Video... on May 14, 2014
"Just got a call and going to meeting - 7 x AV8185dn required!!"
IP Camera Sample Shots Directory on May 05, 2014
"... Here are the specifics that varied across cameras: 10 MP: Arecont AV10115DN -- Firmware: 65225 5 MP: Arecont AV5115DN -- Firmware:..."
IP Camera Buyer's Guide 2014 on Apr 28, 2014
"...Manufacturer Profiles We conclude with profiles of 12 manufacturers, looking at the good and bad behind ACTi, Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Hikvision, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sony, and..."
Arecont Criticizes Big Box Surveillance Kits on Apr 08, 2014
"... Now, Arecont is joining the chorus of companies speaking out against big box retail offerings, with their..."
Worst and Best - ISC West 2014 on Apr 07, 2014
"...a clip covering the 'Global Expo' section: Inside, we have 20 manufacturer booth videos: ACTi Arecont Avigilon Axis Bosch Dahua FLIR Genetec Hikvision Milestone Mobotix OnSSI ONVIF Panas..."
Product / Tech Roundup ISC West 2014 on Apr 04, 2014
"...products only, no marketing or gimmicks and is a recap of information gathered from booth visits to: Arecont Bosch Genetec Hikvision OnSSI ONVIF Panasonic Schneider Electric This information will..."
52 New Products Directory ISC West 2014 on Mar 30, 2014
"... Here are new ones added Wednesday: Aptina 1 Inch 4K Imager Arecont Vision "Stellar" Low Light Cameras Exacq ELP Mid Level NVR Hikvision Integrated IR..."
720 Degree Camera - IC Realtime on Mar 25, 2014
"... The Arecont 360 4 imager Surround Video is also designed to be placed in a central area, providing panoramic..."
2014 Surveillance Test Results Guide Released on Mar 19, 2014
"...Minidome Testing Dahua Cameras Geovision UBX 1301 Mini IR Camera Hikvision IP Cameras Tested 2013 Arecont's WDR Camera (AV3116DN) Avigilon's H3 WDR Bosch HDR HD Dinion Honeywell HD WDR IP..."
Panoramic Camera Manufacturer Scallop Spin Out / Reboots on Feb 18, 2014
""Anyone else besides Arecont?" People want multi-imager panoramic cameras, but there are surprisingly few choices beyond..."
Arecont Bandwidth Savings Mode Tested on Feb 14, 2014
"...like to reduce your storage costs by up to 50% with just a click of a button? That's the promise of Arecont's 'Bandwidth Savings Mode', a new option that slashes bit rate up to half 'with least impact on..."
Managing Hundreds Or Thousands Of Arecont Cameras on Feb 10, 2014
"I am considering Arecont for a large project, specially their 180s. Anyone have experience managing hundreds or thousands..."
What Would You Do To Improve This Image? on Feb 10, 2014
"In running a test with Arecont 5MP and 10MP cameras the past couple of days, we've been running into severe issues with how..."
Favorite IP Camera Manufacturers 2014 on Feb 10, 2014
"... Arecont Improves While still ringing in the most votes for worst experience, Arecont this time had a..."
Worst IP Camera Manufacturer 2014 on Feb 03, 2014
"Can Arecont Vision defend its title? Or will an upstart dethrone them? Our 2011 Worst IP camera..."
Arecont Engineering Exec Exits / Replacement Appointed / Leaves Too on Jan 24, 2014
"Arecont's VP of Engineering, Dr. Michael Korkin, has left the company. Outside of the 2 co-founders,..."
Ranking IP Camera Low Light Performance on Jan 20, 2014
"...alphabetical listing of models tested, 34 cameras total from 14 manufacturers: ACTi D11 ACTi KCM5111 Arecont AV3116DNv1 Arecont AV5115DNv1 Arecont AV10115DNv1 Avigilon 1.0-H3-B2 Avigilon..."
Camera Slow Shutter / Ghosting Tested on Jan 17, 2014
"...  In the far right, is a moving person with slow shutter OFF Here's an Arecont camera, showing the tradeoff:  ACTi D11 Most ACTi cameras default to 1/5s slow shutter...."
Testing ACTi E97 10MP Camera on Jan 13, 2014
"... Arecont has the widest offerings here. And, interestingly, Arecont likes to brag that camera decisions..."
Avigilon Director Goes To Arecont on Dec 26, 2013
"Announcement. Updated inside with 9 new Avigilon hires."
What Twitter Followers Want on Dec 04, 2013
"...weeks: Avigilon's PR Person Gone - 100+ Stupid Manufacturer - 75+ Heckling Sales People - 75+ Arecont Camera Problems - 90+ Top Reports But Weak Twitter Engagement Hikvision Cameras Tested -..."
10MP vs 5MP vs HD Shootout on Nov 20, 2013
"... For this test, we bought 3 compact box cameras from Arecont (3MP AV3116, 5MP AV5115, and 10MP AV10115), known for both their unrealistic claims and high..."
Arecont Needs a Reset Button and a Clue on Nov 15, 2013
"Given Arecont's horrendous reputation for quality and reliability, you would think they would make it easy to..."
Why Are Arecont Cameras So Difficult To Get Online? on Nov 11, 2013
"...with dozens of camera manufacturers, it seems that one stands out as truly difficult in initial setup: Arecont. They don't ship with an IP address, do not default to DHCP, and you must use their notoriously..."
Winners & Losers Fall 2013 on Nov 04, 2013
"...Appliances and VSaaS (kidding) Then we review the specific competitive advances and problems for: Arecont..."
iSpy Open Source Windows VMS Tested on Oct 18, 2013
"...  Camera Support: auto discovery or manual- over 1000 models including Axis, Arecont, AD, and more via RTSP or HTTP, including ONVIFdm.  Enterprise Mangement: Manage/Host..."
No, IPVM Is Not Biased FOR Avigilon on Oct 14, 2013
"... And, yes, we typically use alphabetical ordering, so if ACTi or Arecont were included in a list, they would be listed before Avigilon (because everyone knows we are..."
Best and Worst - ASIS 2013 on Sep 29, 2013
"... The Most Interesting New Camera Shown The most interesting new camera we saw was the Arecont Omni. A press release announced the Omni, but at the booth the company said it was still in..."
Why Did Apple And Google Choose Arecont? on Sep 26, 2013
"... One thing that I noticed that both shared in common is that both companies chose Arecont for all of their new cameras. The cameras seemed to have gotten upgraded not long ago. Both..."
IP Camera Issues - Cisco 2960 And 3500 Switches on Sep 23, 2013
"... This happen with Arecont cameras, 3 differnt models both Bullet syel and Megadome. We struggled with Cisco and Arecont..."
Check Out The New Arecont Vision Video on Aug 28, 2013
"Arecont is trying to show the quality of their products in this video: "
Guaranteed Video Storage Calculation? Iomnis on Aug 20, 2013
"... The Arecont AV5255 camera at max resolution and frame rate (14fps) was estimated at ~8.5Mb/s, which is just..."
How Much Do Distributors Mark Up Products? on Aug 13, 2013
"... Buying an Arecont camera from ADI is different from a Dahua camera through an OEM. With Arecont / ADI, Arecont..."
Testing Avigilon Integrated IR on Jul 15, 2013
"... This pricing is less expensive than many major brand IR cameras, such as Axis, Arecont, and Sony, though on par with Vivotek, and pricier than comparable from ACTi and..."
Testing Dahua Cameras on Jul 08, 2013
"... Low light performance with WDR off and increased gain is above average, far better than Arecont, but lagging behind the Q1604.  HD2100N Minidome Low light performance (2 lux and..."
An Arecont 180 Covering Supermarket Registers on Jun 26, 2013
"Take a look at this image of an Arecont 180 covering registers at Whole Foods: A few things of interest: I couldn't find any..."
#1 IP Camera Benefit on May 19, 2013
"... For instance, Arecont's ad and Avigilon's ongoing misleading marketing campaigns (though in fairness, Arecont has..."
Anyone Using Arecont'S Latest SurroundVision Line? (AV12186DN) on Apr 19, 2013
"I had a question from a member regarding the latest generation of the SurroundVision line, since..."
Cricket IP Camera Claims "Exceptional Imaging, Unbeatable Price" on Apr 04, 2013
"... From a bells and whistles standpoint, it is fairly bare bone, more similar to an Arecont Vision compact camera. Interestingly, Point Grey actually discloses the sensor and processor..."
Good Disclosure Of Actual Video - Axis Vs Arecont & Avigilon on Mar 28, 2013
"... I seem to recall IPVM criticizing Avigilon & Arecont about misleading customers as to what images actually came from their cameras. I thought this..."
Testing Avigilon's H3 WDR Camera on Feb 14, 2013
"... In this report, we share our test findings of Avigilon's H3 3MP WDR camera compared against Axis, Arecont, Bosch, Sony and Panasonic cameras. We do side by side tests for WDR, low light and day time..."
Testing Arecont's WDR Camera (AV3116DN) on Feb 07, 2013
"Arecont Vision has long offered many of the highest resolution cameras in the market but they have never..."
Bosch HDR HD Dinion Test on Jan 29, 2013
"... We tested the 932 against offerings from Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Panasonic and Sony in WDR, indoor and outdoor scenes. Additionally, we measured..."
Kudos to Arecont! on Jan 26, 2013
"Over the last few years, IPVM has repeatedly criticized Arecont Vision; Most recently was Arecont's FoV switcheroo in a 2012 trade magazine advertisement. I am..."
WDR Shootout 2013 on Jan 22, 2013
"...significant these improvements were, if at all, so we put the following cameras to a head to head shootout: Arecont AV3116DNv1 Avigilon H3 Series Axis Q1604 Bosch NBN-932V Panasonic WV-SP509 Sony..."
Panoramic Camera Guide on Jan 19, 2013
"... Manufacturers such as Sony, Arecont, Brickcom, and others, have released models using this lens. The image below shows..."
Arecont Vision 180/360 Alternatives? on Jan 12, 2013
"Hai John, Is there any competitive brands equivalent to Arecont vision 20MP/8MP 180/360 degree cameras??? Regards, VS"
Testing Low Light Vs Image Quality on Jan 07, 2013
"... We took three well-known surveillance cameras (from Axis, Arecont and Sony) and put them side by side for a simultaneous shootout from 1 hour before to 1 hour..."
Spam, Twinkies and Arecont on Dec 20, 2012
"Measuring ROI can be difficult but Arecont Vision is proposing a new simple metric to do so. Called 'Pixels Per Dollar', it precisely and..."
Security Conglomerates are Dying on Dec 11, 2012
"...have been acquired - not Milestone, not Genetec, not Exacq, not Avigilon, not Axis, not Mobotix, not Arecont, etc., etc. Why Acquisitions Have Been So Weak The security conglomerates track record shows..."
Avigilon H3 Bullet Cameras on Dec 09, 2012
"...3MP Arecont AV1125IR sells for about ~$750 online, but lacks remote focus and zoom, as well as adaptive IR...."
Arecont Lies, Now Threatens Lawsuit on Dec 02, 2012
"Last week, we reported Arecont lied in a recent ad. Now, Arecont is threatening legal action against IPVM. In this note, we..."
Lying At Arecont Vision on Nov 27, 2012
"... A security blogger has caught Arecont in an obvious lie with their recent advertisement. In the ad, they show an overview of a cafe...."
Testing Lowest Bandwidth Camera? (DVTel Quasar) on Nov 12, 2012
"... We put the DVTel Quasar 1080p camera up against leading cameras from Axis, Bosch, Arecont, Sony and more to see how good it really was. We were disappointed.Key Findings Overall, the..."
Everyone's Going 360 on Oct 23, 2012
"... Multi-imager impact: Arecont has had much success with their 180º multi-imager SurroundView cameras (see our 20MP test..."
Axis Goes Panoramic (M3007-P) on Oct 22, 2012
"...critical 3rd party VMS support, what key limitations it has and how it stacks up against Immervision, Arecont and others. [UPDATE 2013: Full M3007 Test Report Released.] Overview The M3007 is a..."